Mongolian Sihu

The Mongolian Sihu (pinyin: měng gǔ zú sì hú) refers to the four hus popular in the Mongolian area. The shape is the same as the four hus in the Han area. It is popular in the pastoral and semi-agricultural and semi-pastoral areas of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


  • Chinese name:Mongolian Sihu
  • popular area:Mongolian Sihu
  • Material:mahogany, rosewood
  • pinyin:měng gǔ zú sì hú
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Zhao Shuanghu, a famous Mongolian four-hu player and educator. Zhao Shuanghu has made great contributions to the performance and teaching of the Mongolian Four Hus, as well as the reformation and theoretical research of this musical instrument.
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The autumn wind is very light. When the first ray of sunshine in the morning shines on the strange willow forest, the sound of four hustle has already sounded in the land of Horqin. The members of the Hushuo folk Wulan Muqi, accompanied by the morning sun, began to sound in the land of Horqin. A day of rehearsal.
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Mongolian Sihu music is the main representative of Mongolian music culture. It is mainly distributed in Duerbot Mongolian Autonomous County, Zhaoyuan County and eastern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province.
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The Mongolian four hus are divided into four low-pitched hus, mid-voiced four hus, high-pitched four hus, and Mongolian four hus.
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