Ruan (Ruan Xian) history

Since ancient times, Wang Zhaojun in literary and artistic works has always accompanied the pipa. However, Zhaojun, who is commonly seen in modern dramas, paintings, sculptures and other artistic images, is accompanied by a half-pear-shaped pipa that came only four hundred years later than her, which is inconsistent with historical facts. During the reign of Emperor Wu of the Ha...
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In the Han Dynasty, many horse-mounted musical instruments were introduced into China. In the second year of Yuanding, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty (115 BC), Zhang Qian sent an envoy to the Wusun country (now the Uzbek nation), Wusun King Hunting Jiaomi and Han intermarriage, Princess Wusun Before his marriage, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty ordered craftsmen who knew music to create a musical ...
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