Shuanglelang overview

Shuanglelang (pinyin: shuāng lè làng) Shuanglelang is a double-reed gas-sounding instrument of the Buyi nationality. Popular in Shuanglelang, the Bouyei double-reed air-sounding instrument. The shape is the same as the Bouyei single-tube Lelang, which is made of two Lelangs with the same length, thickness and pitch tied side by side. There is also a curved connecting pipe inserted into the mouth of two side-by-side pipes, sharing a reed whistle.

When playing, the pipe body is placed vertically, and the two pipe bodies are held with both hands. The index finger and ring finger of the left hand press the lower two holes of the double pipe horizontally, and the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the right hand press the upper three holes of the double pipe horizontally. Cyclic ventilation. Can play the same degree of double tones. The sound is crisp and bright, and the volume is significantly increased compared to the single-tube Lelang. Because the thickness of the two pipes will be slightly different, the sound produced will be slightly different, and the melody will often appear disharmonious during the performance. .
  • Chinese name:Shuanglelang
  • popular area:Qianxi, Guizhou Province
  • nationality:Buyi
  • Pinyin:shuāng lè làng

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