Sugudu operating guide

Sugudu is an ancient stringed instrument introduced from northern Mongolian areas. It consists of a sound box, a headstock, a neck, a peg, a bridge and strings. When playing, hang the strap of the piano diagonally on the right shoulder, and place the resonance box near the abdomen of the right leg. The left hand holds the neck of the piano with the index finger to take the sound, and the r...
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Sugudu, also known as Segudu, is called Huobusi, Huba, and Amber in Chinese. The Naxi people play stringed instruments. The Naxi language Sugudu means one must learn. Popular in Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. The original body is 90 cm long and made of red sandalwood; now the body is 106 cm to 116 cm in length, and the resonance box is 18 cm to 20 cm wide, and is...
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