Yandun drum is a traditional folk art of the Han nationality with a long history. It is unique in Guangxi and even in the whole country.


  • Pinyin:yān dūn dà gǔ
  • category:percussion
  • constitute:drum head, drum body, drum foot
The spread of Yandun drum has been very old, and its drum custom is from the New Year's Eve on the 30th of December to the end of the Lantern Festival on the 15th of the first month of the lunar calendar every year.
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The elders in the village instructed the younger generation to take out the drum and clean it, and cover the drum with the cut cowhide. Therefore, in the hometown during the Spring Festival, there will be a celebration scene of "The spring is warm, and the village drums are shaking". .
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At that time, the big drum was used to transmit war signals and roar wild beasts. It was originally made of water tanks to stretch the drums with cowhide. Later, because the water tanks were fragile and the sound rhythm was poor, they evolved to be made by hollowing out pieces of wood.
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Yandun drum originated from the traditional percussion art of Lingshan County, mainly distributed in 268 natural villages in 20 villages including Dengtang, Shidui and Changlu in Yandun Town, Lingshan County.
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Generally speaking, the drum sound of Yandun Dagu can be divided into the drum sound of the northern village, the southern village and the middle village. The sound is also divided according to these three distribution parts, which are divided into three tones: high, medium and low.
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According to research, the big drum was first made of a water tank and covered with cowhide. Later, because the water tank was fragile and the sound rhythm was poor, it evolved to be made of wood chisels.
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