Daguangxian (pinyin: dà guǎng qián) is a popular huqin national musical instrument in Taiwan and southern Fujian.


  • Pinyin:dà guǎng xián
  • Classification:stringed musical instrument
  • Category:Huqin class
  • spread in:Fujian and other places in the south
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一口泡芙 - 117 views
Lin Wangguo is a popular figure in many troupes, and he is the producer of Daguangxian. Daguangxian, also known as Youxian, is an indispensable musical instrument in the popular folk operas such as Xiang Opera and Gezi Opera in southern Fujian.
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Zhangpu Daguangxian production skills were selected into the eighth batch of representative projects of county-level intangible cultural heritage. Daguangxian, also known as Youxian and Lantou, is one of the main musical instruments for folk operas such as Minnan Xiang Opera, Bamboo Circus, Taiwanese Gezi Opera and so on.
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The production of any cultural product (whether spiritual or material) is inseparable from the environment on which it is based. As a material musical cultural product, the same is true for musical instruments.
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The production process of the Daguang string is not complicated, and many professional luthiers, folk artists and amateurs can make it.
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The appearance of Daguangxian is similar to Fujian Nanyin Erxian. is plugged in.
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