Cultivating folk music and art hussars

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From August 19th to September 29th, the National Art Fund 2022 Artistic Talents Training Funded the "Wulan Muqi One Specialized Multi-functional Performing and Creative Artistic Talent Training" project, and conducted intensive training in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. During the 40-day training, 50 students from grassroots Wulan Muqi, literary and art groups and colleges and universities across the country listened to the theoretical lectures given by senior experts in musicology, composition and other fields, participated in the rehearsal of bands composed of various musical instruments, and participated in new works. The level of artistic theory and stage practice ability have been effectively improved.

Cultivating folk music and art hussars

The project of "Cultivation of Ulan Muqi One Specialized and Multi-functional Performance and Creative Artistic Talents" aims at the current Ulan Muqi career in Inner Mongolia and the cultivation of grassroots literary and artistic talents in various frontier areas of the country. Talent is the training goal. The project is sponsored by Inner Mongolia Normal University and co-organized by Inner Mongolia Art Theatre. The project host is He Yu, Deputy Dean of the School of Music of Inner Mongolia Normal University.

"In November 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to the Ulan Muqi team members in Sunite Right Banner, Inner Mongolia, highly affirming the cause of Ulan Muqi, and hoped that Wulan Muqi would be guided by the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and vigorously promote the Ulan Muqi. The fine tradition of Lan Muqi takes root in the fertile soil of life, serves the herdsmen, promotes literary and artistic innovation, and strives to create more excellent works that are grounded, spread and retained, and will always be a 'red literary light cavalry' on the grassland." Gong Jian, a member of the party committee and vice president of Inner Mongolia Normal University, introduced that Wulan Muqi is a grass-roots professional art performance group in Inner Mongolia. The spirit of serving the people is well-known all over the country, and is affirmed by General Secretary Xi Jinping as a banner of the national literary and art front.

Gong Jian said that the art of Wulan Muqi in the new era should continue to innovate and develop while continuously absorbing the rich nutrition of the Chinese nation's traditions and showing the infinite charm of the Chinese nation's culture. It is hoped that the project team will further explore and carry forward the ability of Wulan Muqi's cultural heritage and innovation, and focus on solving the problem of the lack of high-level professional talents in grass-roots Wulan Muqi through creation, rehearsal, and combination training.

Cultivating folk music and art hussars

Close integration of theory and practice

The training content of this project includes practical courses, theoretical courses, editing courses, expert lectures, Wulan Muqi music theme workshops, Wulan Muqi one-specialty multi-functional practice topics, music salons, weekend concerts, and field investigations.

On August 19, Professor Zhang Ruijun, deputy dean of the School of Marxism of Inner Mongolia Normal University and doctor of law, gave the students the "first lesson" on ideology and politics. During the 15-day intensive teaching period, nearly 40 music educators, scholars, composers and performing artists from the Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Inner Mongolia Academy of Arts, Inner Mongolia Broadcasting Art Troupe and other colleges and troupes, Every day, it brings students a variety of academic lectures, practical seminars, music salons and four professional courses to choose two courses. For example, 14 well-known domestic experts in the field of music theory research, including Wulanjie, Qiao Jianzhong, Zhao Tarim, Li Song, and Xiao Mei, gave theoretical lectures to the students; 30 well-known Ulan Muqi performing artists, including Lin, Li Bo, Jinhua, and Alatanqiqige, gave art practice lessons for students; Anda Group and Naire Band provided band guidance and rehearsal for students; Xiao Lisheng, Inner Mongolia Normal University, Xiao Lisheng, Twenty-seven old, middle-aged and young teachers, including Song Bo, Jin Tiehong, Yang Junhai, and Yang Yucheng, participated in the teaching.

After the key training in the intensive teaching stage, the students learned more about singing, musical instruments, composition, arrangement, etc., and wrote different styles such as "A Dad in a Dream" and "The Light of Mu love" at this stage. , works of different performance forms.

Cultivating creative, editing and acting talents

During the intensive rehearsal stage from September 5th to 20th, under the guidance of the instructor, the students focused on arranging and creating original works. Through the band rehearsal, while highlighting the students' "one specialization and multiple abilities", the team concept of "short and powerful" is always run through, and the students' team awareness and cooperation ability are cultivated.

The trainees are composed of 50 outstanding young artistic talents from Wulan Muqi Art Troupe, Art Theater, Vocational Art College, primary and secondary schools and other organizations in various regions of Inner Mongolia. All of them have more than 10 years of experience in Wulan Muqi and national Award-winning experience in provincial and ministerial-level competitions and exhibitions.

During the training, the trainees kept colliding with sparks, playing guitar, erhu, sihu, clarinet, Tuva sanxian, Tuva drum, donbula, suona, matouqin, damatouqin, dulcimer, piano, flute, accordion, Mongolian zither, taubu Various types of musical instruments such as Xiuer, Horn, Huobusi, and Mordun Chaoer, as well as different types of singing methods such as ethnic, Bel Canto, Humai, and long tune, are different from Errentai, folk songs from various regions of Inner Mongolia, and Manhan tune. Types of folk songs are integrated into the works. These cross-border fusion works will be presented at the closing concert.

Yang Junhai, Dean of the School of Music of Inner Mongolia Normal University, said that this project aims to cultivate "one-specialized and multi-skilled" compound talents with at least one outstanding professional skill in writing or singing, and at least one other skill. It is hoped that on the basis of learning and inheriting traditional music culture, students will take this project as a new starting point for growth, take root in the fertile soil of ethnic music, go deep into the grassroots folk, discover, explore, collect and organize traditional music; in the future, they can independently carry out "creative transformation and innovative development" "Consciousness and ability to arrange, create, perform, and become an outstanding literary and artistic talent who "can get on the stage, get off the pastoral area, and enter the market".

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