China National Music Popularization and Promotion Center officially launched in Chengdu

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Western China is rich in ethnic culture, especially in Chengdu, where activities and music festivals related to ethnic music emerge in an endless stream.

On February 23, the China National Music Popularization and Promotion Center officially landed in Chengdu and held a licensing ceremony at the Chengdu Cultural Center.

China National Music Popularization and Promotion Center officially launched in Chengdu

Awarded by China National Music Popularization and Promotion Center

At the awarding ceremony, Song Qiu, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, said that Sichuan's national culture is colorful and is a fertile ground for research, popularization and promotion of national music. The "Hongyuan Prairie Summer Jacques Music Festival" featuring Tibetan songs, the "Kangding International Love Song Music Festival" based on love songs, the "Sichuan Daliang Mountain Winter Sunshine Music Festival" based on the Yi Song Festival, as well as the Bashu Chorus Festival, the Western Folk Song Festival and other music festivals have become influential traditional cultural IP, playing a role in inheriting national cultural genes, promoting national exchanges, and shaping regional image Activate multiple functions such as cultural tourism consumption.

"In 2023, we will continue to launch new brands such as Jinchuan Sydney Life Music Festival and Yanyuan National Music Festival," Song Qiu said.

Li Mile, curator of the Chengdu Cultural Center, said that the establishment of the China National Music Popularization and Promotion Center is an important measure for the cultural center system to further promote the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional and excellent culture. As the main position of inheriting excellent traditional culture, promoting the popularization of art for the whole people, and carrying out social aesthetic education, Chengdu Cultural Museum has a glorious mission and great responsibility in inheriting, popularizing and promoting national music. In the next work, the center will base itself on the construction of the promotion center in Chengdu, strive to play the role of the regional "leading museum" and the role of demonstration and guidance, closely combine with the cultural needs of the masses, continue to forge ahead, and better meet the people's yearning for a better life.

On the same day, Xiao Wenli, director of the art creation room of the Central National Orchestra, doctor of musicology and associate researcher, brought a lecture on folk music. Xiao Wenli popularized folk music knowledge from the aspects of the eight-tone classification of national musical instruments, the performance classification of national musical instruments, the comparison of Chinese and foreign musical instruments, and the appreciation of new folk music in combination with the performance of national cultural programs before the commencement of the speech, and learned from "ancient" to "modern", so that we can take Chinese national musical instruments as an introduction and open a door to understand the excellent traditional culture of China.

China National Music Popularization and Promotion Center officially launched in Chengdu

Xiao Wenli is giving a lecture

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