Create a "Pomegranate Seed Homeland" with high standards and let the flower of national unity bloom on the grassland

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Since the beginning of the year, our city has conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, and the Tongliao Municipal Party Committee, and has gone all out to create a stable and healthy development environment, a social environment of national security and public safety, and a clean political environment, and promote the high-quality development of the city. A new bureau, a new chapter. From now on, Charming Huolinhete launched a column report "Focusing on the work of the center to promote high-quality development" to continue the movement and strategy of high-quality development in the city. stay tuned.

A huge red pomegranate, full of grains, is painted with the idiom of "All ethnic groups should understand each other, respect each other, tolerate each other, appreciate each other, learn from each other, help each other, and hug each other tightly like pomegranate seeds". sentence. This is a landscape shape in front of the Yibin community in our city, which vividly shows the atmosphere of national unity and family.

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On the second floor of Yibin Community Activity Center, several students are listening intently to Mr. Matouqin's lecture. It is understood that they are amateurs of matouqin in the community and are rehearsing a program for a performance in the community "Welcome to the 20th National Congress".

Li Xiangkui is a member of the Matouqin family in the community. He has been learning Matouqin since he retired. "I liked Matouqin when I was young, but I never had the opportunity to learn it. Now the environment provided by the community is very good. They also provide us with this variety of musical instruments. Learning matouqin enriches life."

It is understood that the Matouqin House built by Yibin Community is a free matouqin training course specially set up for Matouqin lovers in the city. At present, there are 2 training courses with more than 100 students. In addition, the community home activity center includes a library, a dance room, a chess and card room, a national unity exhibition hall and other functional rooms. need.

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The Yibin Community has a population of more than 11,000, and the minority population is nearly 6,000, accounting for 52.95% of the total community population.

In recent years, Yibin Community has firmly grasped the main line of building the consciousness of the Chinese nation's community, and built a "Pomegranate Seed Homeland" with high standards. Relying on the community residents' activity center, it has enriched and improved the spiritual and cultural needs of residents, and created a cultural leader in the community under its jurisdiction. Gallery, take advantage of traditional festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival and the Spring Festival to carry out a variety of "pomegranate seeds" cultural activities such as mutual learning of customs, mutual learning experience, and mutual learning spirit, so that the consciousness of the Chinese nation's community is continuously forged in the rich spiritual and cultural activities, 2019 Nianyibin Community was rated as the National Unity and Progress Demonstration Area (Unit).

Bring the surface with the point, and bring the whole with the surface. In 2020, our city successfully established a demonstration city of ethnic unity and progress in the autonomous region. The work of creating ethnic unity and progress has achieved practical results, realizing the mutual embedment and mutual assistance between communities, streets and various departments, and truly making the people of all ethnic groups who live together in this hot land full of happiness. Full. Up to now, our city has 1 national-level national unity and progress demonstration community and 2 model individuals; 4 autonomous region-level demonstration units and 9 advanced individuals; 1 Tongliao city-level model collective and 4 model individuals.

"In the next step, we will summarize, apply and develop the successful experience of ethnic unity and progress, carry out in-depth activities to create ethnic unity and progress, continue to build the ideological foundation of ethnic unity, and constantly innovate the ideas and methods of community ethnic work, and promote community development. The construction of the pomegranate seed home will contribute to building a demonstration model of national unity and progress in the city." said Yuan Lin, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Huolin Gol Municipal Party Committee.

Involving musical instruments

Matouqin (pinyin: mǎ tóu qín) is a two-stringed stringed musical instrument with a trapezoidal body and a handle carved into the shape of a horse's head. A sort of.

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