Jiangsu Taixing 18 years old coming-of-age ceremony demonstration activities come to a successful end

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Recently, Taizhou City and Taixing City 18 years old rite of passage demonstration activities were held in Taixing Gymnasium. The students of Jiangsu Taixing Secondary Professional School who have reached the age of 18 step through the adult door together and step into a new stage of life with firm steps. The event was sponsored by Taizhou Civilization Office and organized by the Publicity Department of Taixing Municipal Committee, the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee and the Jiangsu Taixing Secondary Professional School.

Jiangsu Taixing 18 years old coming-of-age ceremony demonstration activities come to a successful end

Youth flower road, share growth. Open the door of memory, the children from the birth of the little dolls, all the way to grow into strong young students. Along the way, there are parents and family's hard work, shelter from the wind and rain, friends along the way to accompany, share the difficulties, but also teachers' leadership of education care, escort. The students expressed their gratitude to their parents, teachers and friends by singing Full Moon. Recitation "Eighteen years old, we are coming" is to express their dream for the horse, not young youth heroic.

True gratitude, remember the oath. The process of growth cannot be separated from the teacher's earnest teachings. The teachers sent blessings to all the adult students through the way of video. The students also prepared mysterious gifts for the teacher, which reflected the strong teacher-student relationship. Taixing City Civilization Office, the city education Bureau, the relevant leaders of the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee for the students to wear adult memorial badges, they will assume more social responsibilities, not only for the ardent hope and hope of parents, but also for the rejuvenation of the nation, for the national prosperity of the responsibility. The melodious cucurbit flute performance of "Mountain Red", the elegant Chinese dance "No Matter the Time" and the fiery street dance performance added a variety of youthful splendor to the whole ceremony.

Responsibility in the shoulder, dream together. At the age of eighteen, we should learn to be grateful, work hard and walk more confidently into the distance. At the age of 18, he will take on the historical mission of modernization and strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In front of the national flag, the regimental flag and the school flag, the students solemnly swore an oath in the name of the 18-year-old. Their expressions were firm, their voices were loud, and their eyes were full of vitality and a better vision for the future. The event ended with the song "Bless the Motherland". "The 18th coming-of age ceremony is not just a ritual for us, but a key to a new life. From today on, we truly say goodbye to the ignorant past," the students said. We will always remember our 18-year-old selves who took the pledge to fight hard and become adults worthy of our society and our times."

In recent years, Taixing City has held demonstration activities of "Four Rites" to educate and guide the majority of minors in the city to buckle the first button of life and take every step of life well, encouraging them to have ideals, aim high and actively participate in the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics. "7 years old, 10 years old, 14 years old, 18 years old, every period of life should have its wonderful, we will continue to play a functional role, enhance the 'Siyi activity' sense of ceremony, participation, sense of The Times, let the majority of young people in the experience of etiquette, from cognitive recognition to conscious practice." City civilization office responsible person introduced.

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Hulusi (pinyin: hú lu sī), also known as "calabash flute", is a musical instrument of ethnic minorities in Yunnan. Hulusi originated in Lianghe County, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, and is mainly popular in Dai, Achang, Wa, De'ang and Brown. The Dehong and Lincang areas in Yunnan where ethnic groups live together are rich in local colors.

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