Suning County participated in the symposium on key projects of musical instrument industry base and vigorously implemented the "Five Ones" project

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Recently, the symposium on key projects of the musical instrument industry base co-sponsored by the Chinese National Orchestra Society and the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism was successfully held in Raoyang County. The main purpose is to further promote the cultural industry enabling rural revitalization project, promote more flow of musical instrument resources to the countryside, and promote key projects of rural cultural industry. Lehai Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., recommended by Cangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, made a speech at the meeting as an enterprise representative, introduced the development and demands of the local musical instrument industry in Suning in detail, and conducted in-depth discussion and research with the participants from the aspects of "production, learning, research, transmission and performance" of national musical instruments. After the meeting, it fully communicated with the Chinese National Orchestra Society on the proposed cooperation and docking issues.

Suning County participated in the symposium on key projects of musical instrument industry base and vigorously implemented the

Suning County has played a "chord" for the development of musical instruments, promoting the revitalization of cultural industries and rural areas. Relying on Suning's musical instrument cultural industry, we will promote the transformation and development of the musical instrument industry with the power of science and technology, continue to develop the traditional skills of national musical instruments through technological innovation, create a "strong engine" for the integration of northern and southern folk music, vigorously promote the project of national music into campus, improve the popularization and education of national music for teenagers, achieve the integration of industry and education, play the rallying cry of "spiritual prosperity" with artistic practice, organize and carry out folk music performance activities, and promote the deep integration of the musical instrument industry and culture. Orchestra cohesion benefits people's livelihood and plays a symphony of common prosperity. Chinese national musical instruments are the material carrier of Chinese national music culture and an indispensable part in the development process of national music. Suning will use the concept of "culture+" and "tourism+" industrial development to continuously extend and enrich the industrial chain of national musical instruments, spread the traditional musical instrument culture and tell the story of national music in a more modern way.

Next, Suning will vigorously implement the "Five Ones" project (one industry, one project, one set of special classes, one program, one list), cultivate local brands, extend industrial connotation, strengthen technological innovation, enhance the popularity of Suning's national musical instruments, and strive to build the "Capital of Northern Chinese Musical Instruments" into the "Capital of Chinese Musical Instruments".

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