Thai Students Celebrate 'Chinese Year' with Poetry and Guqin

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On November 11, the classroom of Liuzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, heard the sound of books and music. Six Thai students majoring in railway engineering and technology are reading classical Chinese poetry and playing guqin to learn about Chinese culture.

Thai Students Celebrate 'Chinese Year' with Poetry and Guqin

With the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention and control, China has adopted more relaxed and convenient exit and entry control policies. On December 14, 2022, six Thai students returned to China to resume their studies. This is also their first visit to China.

In order to let international students have a deeper understanding of China and spend a rich and meaningful vacation during the winter vacation, Liuzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College held a "Chinese traditional Culture Experience research camp" on November 11, organizing international students to learn calligraphy, poetry and other traditional Chinese folk customs during the Spring Festival, such as writing Spring couplets and making dumplings. Let international students enjoy the first colorful "Chinese Year".

"I hope the students will not only feel the warm welcome of the school, but also appreciate the charm of Chinese culture. I hope you can further understand Chinese culture through personal experience." Liuzhou Railway Vocational and technical College vice president Luo Xiaofang said.

"A few plum branches in the corner, Ling Han opened alone, far away know is not snow, because there is a dark fragrance." On the morning of November 11, the camp opened the first lesson of returning overseas students to China with an ancient Chinese poem "Plum Blossom". "Plum Blossom in Chinese classical poetry, contains the character of not afraid of cold, elegant and elegant demeanor, the poem begins to let the students feel the beauty of Chinese classical poetry and encourage them." Lecturing teacher Chen Zhiguo said.

Saipetch Supanut, an attentive student from Bangkok, Thailand, said he has learned more about Chinese culture through the poetry and the teacher's explanation. But he is looking forward to the upcoming Lunar New Year. "There are also many festivals related to China in Thailand. I heard that the New Year in Thailand is very different from that in China. I hope I can really experience Chinese traditional festivals."

With the promotion of China-Thailand and China-Laos railway cooperation projects, learning high-speed rail technology has become the choice of many ASEAN students studying abroad. Liuzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College, as a well-known railway vocational college in Southwest China, has attracted overseas students from Thailand, Laos and other ASEAN countries. Through the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" project, it has improved the training quality of overseas students.

Involving musical instruments

Guqin (pinyin: Gǔ Qín) is a traditional Chinese musical instrument with a history of at least 3,500 years. Guqin is also known as Yaoqin, Yuqin and Seven-stringed Qin. The guqin has 13 emblems that mark the rhythm, and is also a ritual and musical instrument. It belongs to the silk in the octave. Guqin has a wide range, deep timbre and long aftertone.

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