tube construction

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Modern pipes are composed of whistle, intruder and pipe body. The small tube whistle is made of reed, one end is tied with a thin wire, the other end is flattened, and it is directly inserted into the upper end of the tube, with a higher pronunciation; the large tube whistle is made of bamboo and inserted into the intruder. The intruder is made of copper, tapered, and inserted into the upper end of the tube. 

The tube body is made of long-stemmed bamboo or mahogany, and it is cylindrical, with eight holes (seven in the front and one in the back) or nine holes (two holes in the back), and the exterior is painted with wax and covered with metal rings at both ends to prevent cracking.

tube construction

There are three types of tubes: large, medium and small. The length of the tube is 18-24 cm, and the inner diameter is 0.9-1.2 cm. The small pipe, also known as the soprano, is a distinctive lead instrument in the band. The middle tube is an octave lower than the small tube. Bass pipe, also known as bass pipe, is an octave lower than the middle pipe. Range: small tube a1-c4, middle tube a-d3, large tube A-d2.
Guanzi is used in folk instrumental ensembles such as Hebei Bingge, Jidong Jiaozihui, Shanxi Badai, Xi'an drum music, ethnic bands, opera bands and religious music. Hebei blowing songs use the big pipe and the small pipe. The small pipe has a high-pitched and bright tone, which is suitable for expressing lively and warm melody; the large pipe has a deep, vigorous and slightly sad tone, which is better than lyrical depiction. Various tubes can be replaced with different whistle rise and fall pitch.
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Guanzi (pinyin: guǎn zi) is a wind instrument. In ancient China, it was called "筚篥" or "Luguan". Its structure consists of three parts: the whistle, the intruder and the cylindrical body.

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