Yangzhou famous Guqin player CCTV show "ordinary ingenuity" : playing and having an axe is heart and concentration

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"In the fleeting time, in the lost years, some craftsmen have quietly disappeared with the development of The Times; Some craftsmen, still adhere to the original heart, bloom their own light. Wang Xianhong is one of them. He will not change his original heart, and instead he will hack the guqin with his ingenuity to inherit the guqin culture." Reporter September 16 in Yangzhou interview was informed that the city famous guqin player, master Wang Xianhong recently accepted CCTV "ordinary ingenuity" column interview, in the "Guqin town" Yangzhou caused a large response.

Yangzhou famous Guqin player CCTV show

The reporter learned that Wang Xianhong, who is good at deduction and also good at chopping qin, created a new guqin hibong style and wind style, and obtained a national patent.

Guqin, also known as Yao Qin, jade qin and seven-stringed qin, ranks first among the four arts of "Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting". Its unique aesthetic characteristics and "touchstone voice" fit the spiritual mood pursued by traditional Chinese literati, so it has become the best spiritual companion of literati and calligraphers. The reporter learned that Wang Xianhong 8 years old with his father to learn the national instrument, 18 years old to join the army, was recruited as a special art soldier. With more than ten years of professional training in the army's art troupe, he is familiar with the performance of various Musical Instruments and music creation. After returning to Yangzhou, the hometown of the zither, he studied and inherited the art of guqin. Under the guidance of Professor Li Xiangting of the Central Conservatory of Music, he also obtained many famous experts' advice and formed a clear and elegant playing style that combines rigor and softness.  In March 2018, "Practical Guqin Course" was published, in October 2018, "Wang Xianhong's teacher and Student Guqin Concert" was held in Yangzhou Concert Hall, and in September 2019, the Guqin solo album "Ancient Rhyme New Language" was published.

"In my opinion, guqin is not only a musical instrument, but also a carrier of life style. The organist may not be the organist to be hacked, but the organist must be a good organist." Wang Xianhong told the Yangtse Evening Post/Purple Cow news reporter that the reason why the guqin can have the ancient and intoxicating sound, can be passed down through the ages, and its production process is very important. The detailed and complicated production process does not allow any corners to be cut. Chop qin pay attention to the trend and for, that is, because of the wood to be hacked, each wood has its own unique timbre, they will be based on the nature of each wood and its sound resonance characteristics to be hacked. A chisel a moment, and strive to restore the music.

Yangzhou famous Guqin player CCTV show

The reporter learned that when the guqin was being hacked, Wang Xianhong had a very strict grasp of the timbre of the various areas of the guqin. Detail handling, often to the point of harshness. "The scattered sound of the guqin is loud and thick, and the overtones are transparent like beads and rich and colorful. Because of the different registers, there are different feelings. The high register is crisp, like a bell ringing in the wind; The middle register is bright and sonorous, like striking jade chime; The bass register is rich and powerful." Wang Xianhong said that when holding the guqin, he intended to achieve the goal of "deep" bass area, "transparent" middle area, and "bright" high area. With strange, ancient, transparent, moist, quiet, round, even, clear, Fang these nine virtues, as the highest pursuit of tone. "You see, this is a new style of guqin that I created. The head of the piano is an ancient woman's bun, plum shaped, and the body curves are soft, like lotus water, so it is named lotus style." Wang Xianhong said.

Wang Xianhong believes that each instrument is unique and needs to be made through hundreds of traditional processes such as material selection, modeling, digging and tuning, grey tire, painting, grinding and winding. The qin is not only a test of skill but also patience and concentration. Each piano is the crystallization of ingenuity and wisdom, hard-won, must be hacked by the master countless times grinding and carefully fathom.

Into the Wang Xianhong chop qin studio, a wood fragrance came. Dazzling tools, a variety of different textures of the board, hanging on the wall of the semi-finished guqin, let people feel the guqin ancient and beautiful appearance and rich and distant tone behind, the master to pay what kind of hardship. In Wang Xianhong's view, the shape of the guqin polishing pay attention to the middle and peaceful, impartial, far from the shape, near touch without Angle, so as to meet the aesthetic of the guqin, "I think the aesthetic of the Guqin reflected in life, is the integration between people, is the right ideological character."

Involving musical instruments

Guqin (pinyin: Gǔ Qín) is a traditional Chinese musical instrument with a history of at least 3,500 years. Guqin is also known as Yaoqin, Yuqin and Seven-stringed Qin. The guqin has 13 emblems that mark the rhythm, and is also a ritual and musical instrument. It belongs to the silk in the octave. Guqin has a wide range, deep timbre and long aftertone.

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