The national style version of the theme song "Xingyan" of the radio drama "I Like Your Pheromone"
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The theme song "Xingyan" of the second season of the radio drama "I Like Your Pheromone", linked with the UP master, they played suona, bamboo flute, chime bell, pipa, and guzheng, and used 5 kinds of national musical instruments to ensemble the national style version of "Xingyan" "Xingyan", "Traditional Folk Music" and "Little Sweet Song" together, I hope everyone likes this way of interpretation! !

Song source: The theme song "Xingyan" of the second season of the radio drama "I Like Your Pheromone"

Radio drama "I like your pheromone": Jinjiang Literature City, the original work of Guiluxing, produced by the magic fishing team, recorded by Zhixingtiandi Studio, and broadcast exclusively on Maoer FM

Involving the artist

Guofeng Miaomi is a well-known music UP master at station B. Currently, there are 161,000 fans. His videos mainly focus on playing the national musical instrument pipa, rewriting two-dimensional music, and mainly Guofeng music.
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Piao Sanye's little speaker is an up-master of the music area of station B. He currently has a total of 107,000 fans. His videos are mainly erhu performances, and the video content mainly focuses on playing popular music. The representative work - "Suona, I once thought about it for a hundred times / Servant's death no うと 思ったのは" has been viewed 1.34 million times.
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Involving musical instruments

Suona (pinyin: suǒ nà) is a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument. Also called Suannai, trumpet, advocacy. The traditional suona is composed of five parts: whistle, air card, intruder, rod and bowl.
The chime (pinyin: Zhōng) is a traditional Chinese percussion instrument that began in the Bronze Age. The bells are cast in bronze, and different bells are arranged according to size and hang on a huge bell stand. Chimes are often used in combination with chimes; the "gold" in "Sound of Gold and Stone" refers to chimes, and "stone" refers to chimes.
Pipa (pinyin: pí pa), the first plucked instrument, is a traditional plucked instrument in East Asia, a plucked stringed musical instrument. Made of wood or bamboo, the speaker is half-pear-shaped and has four strings on the top. It was originally made of silk thread, but now it is mostly made of steel wire, steel rope and nylon.
Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.
Guzheng (pinyin: Gǔ Zhēng), also known as Hanzheng and Qinzheng, is an ancient national musical instrument of the Han nationality and is popular all over China. It is often used for solo, duet, instrumental ensemble and accompaniment of song and dance, opera and folk art. Because of its wide range, beautiful timbre, rich playing skills and strong expressiveness, it is known as the "King of Music", also known as "Oriental Piano", and is one of the unique and important national musical instruments in China.

Involving news

Organized by 青鸟 on 2023-11-20
2023 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" initiative, this year's "Sinan Art Appreciation" around the "Silk Road traditional music", invited the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra to join hands with Chinese and Western artists across the border, with 8 art sharing activities, focusing on the exchange of Eastern and Western music culture on the Silk Road, to show the integration and development of national instruments on the "Belt and Road".
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Organized by vespa on 2023-11-13
Quiet music, sonorous sound, in the wonderful interpretation of the Chinese impression performer group, the audience enjoy the beautiful movement of music painting, and experience the charm of pipa, Zhongruan and suona together...
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Organized by 陆晨 on 2023-10-16
On the evening of October 13, the opening ceremony and performance of 2023 White Crane Liang Tourism and Culture Festival were held in Fuling District of Chongqing. An octet performance of violin, cello, accordion, Cahun drum, erhu, pipa, bamboo flute and dulchen, "When Chardash Meets Horse Race" attracted the attention of the audience.
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Organized by 肖毅 on 2023-09-06
Recently, the fourth performance of the 2023 music season of Zhuhai National Orchestra - "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" He Zhanhao's works concert came to an end at Chongqing Shi Guangnan Grand Theatre. This is also the first time that the Zhuhai National Orchestra has performed in Chongqing since its establishment.
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Organized by 晚荣 on 2023-08-28
In the live broadcast room, various folk music performances such as guzheng, guqin, pipa, erhu, yangqin, suona... are either melodious or passionate. More and more folk music performers are choosing online platforms to perform, which is a new way of dissemination that brings traditional folk music closer to the public and attracts more young people.
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