Yang Qingbi Jian Songfeng Solo Aye Aye

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Yang Qingbi Jian Songfeng solo "Ayeh" from the album Plum Blossom.

Album producer: Liu Da Recording Artist: Liu Da

"Plum Blossom" is the title of the song, which is another name of the famous Qinqin song "Plum Blossom Three Nong". As the title of the album, it is to take its fragrance thoroughly and the feeling full of the universe. "The plum is the clearest of flowers, the harp is the clearest of sound, and writing the clearest thing in the clearest voice should have the rhymes of Lingshuang." Qing is not only the aesthetic flavor of the guqin itself, but also the clear and clear charm emanating from the fingertip of the wrist, eyes and heart of Mr. Yang Qing, which is his deep and not too rich truth to art, the constant and unchanged nature of the world, but also the album hopes to solidify the Guqin music expression form, leaving a spiritual settlement in the rapid flow of society, a cluster of elegant fragrance.

The album contains the Qin music "three lanes of Plum Blossom", "Yangguan Sandiao", "Pingsha falling geese", "water", "memory of the old man", "Changmen", "Guan Shanyuyue", "wine mania", "Yue Ren Song" and other classic ancient music, these handed down to be mellow or elegant, or Qingli graceful, with its quiet like orchid, far than the sky, deep sea, strong as Xiongguan style, belong to the Guqin charm, It has been presented incisively and vividly. There is a song so, not tarry ears. Clarity is a kind of quality.

Involving the artist

Yang Qing, a famous guqin master and music educator, was born in August 1951.
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Involving musical instruments

Guqin (pinyin: Gǔ Qín) is a traditional Chinese musical instrument with a history of at least 3,500 years. Guqin is also known as Yaoqin, Yuqin and Seven-stringed Qin. The guqin has 13 emblems that mark the rhythm, and is also a ritual and musical instrument. It belongs to the silk in the octave. Guqin has a wide range, deep timbre and long aftertone.

Involving news

Organized by 雨童 on 2023-05-22
When you step into Hall 1 on the first floor of Liaoning Provincial Museum, the melodious music of the piano slowly drifts into your ears, and the huge painting "Visiting Friends with the Piano" at the entrance of the hall is beautifully reflected. In the painting, the scholar leads the guqin boy to visit his friends in the cottage, which seems to bring the audience to the ancient people visiting their friends.
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Organized by 雾凇 on 2023-04-18
On April 16, the 3rd China Non-Inherited Development and Innovation Summit Forum on Guqin Art was held at Zixia Qin Academy in Beijing.
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Organized by 岚玖 on 2023-03-02
Walking on the clean road in Luzhuang Village, Huairou Town, Huairou District, Beijing, you will hear the fresh tone and long lingering sound of ancient qin music into your ears. It is really touching your heart. Immersed in the quiet far away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown, people feel relaxed and happy and linger.
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Organized by 晚荣 on 2023-02-22
More than 100 guests who love Guqin art and Chinese culture attended a cultural salon event titled "The Beauty of Guqin Music" held at the China Cultural Center in Berlin on the evening of 15th.
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Organized by 一杯清酒 on 2023-02-08
On the eve of the Lantern Festival, the special lecture of "No Ancient and Present -- The Intangible Cultural Heritage Welcoming the New Year Guqin Culture" was held by Zhoukou Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau and organized by Zhoukou Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center to reproduce the historic scene of Guqin buried deep in the long river of Chinese civilization.
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