Zhang Xiao Fights the Phoenix and Zhang Xiaer goes up the Mountain in Huang Mei Opera

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"Zhang Xiao Beats the Phoenix and Zhang Xiaer goes up the Mountain" from the album "The Map of Chinese Music to hear Anhui Huangmei Opera classic Verses"

Zhangxiao Hunting Phoenix. Zhaoxiao Climbing the Hill. Zhangxiao hunting phoenix. Zhaoxiao climbing the hill

Opera Huangmei Opera Lyrics: Anonymous Composition: Anonymous Nationality: Han Nationality: Anqing, Anhui Province

Singing: Wang Yihong

Master Drum: Liu Shengli

Main Hu: Wang Mou

Bamboo flute: Liu Fupei

Erhu: Zhu Mengdi

Dulcimer: Chen Bei

Pipa: Ouyang Huiru

Sheng: Zhang Anxing

Cymbal Cymbal: Wang Dongdong

Big Gong: Wang Deyi

Little Gong: Wang Guoqing

Zhang Xiaer Goes Up the Mountain is a verse from Zhang Xiao Fights the Phoenix (also known as The Phoenix) of Huangmei Opera. Zhang Xiao lost his mother at the age of three, and his father married Li again. He gave birth to Zhang Li, and Li was loving and nurturing Zhang Xiao, just like his own son. Li Shi was seriously ill, and the immortal dreamed that he needed to cure the disease with phoenix simmering medicine. So Zhang Xiao went up the mountain to beat the phoenix to save his mother. This excerpt is Zhang Xiao up the hill to hit phoenix, dusk did not return, Li Shi at home worry and sing. Gentle singing, full of warmth, this is the mother always heart. And the singing permeates miscellaneous lament, bursts of confusion; The long notes rise and fall, and the butterflies are restless. Silk string thin soft, seems to be accompanied by the castle peak into the night, leaning against the door pangui figure blurred invisible, and the voice of the mother is still echoed in the mountains, sound urge son return.

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Since its inception in 2003, Ruiming Music has adhered to the creation and ingenuity, and regards "making music with heart" as the brand concept of Ruiming music, striving to bring the audience more quality, taste of cultural aesthetic and artistic value pursuit.
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Organized by 黑猫不是喵 on 2024-06-14
June 8 is the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. Songjiang Four Seasons Village Evening Summer Exhibition and "Intangible heritage into the community" Jiangnan silk and Bamboo special performance was recently held in Jiuting Town Community Cultural Activity Center, 12 classic folk music pieces played in rotation, for the audience to bring a audio-visual feast.
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On the evening of June 10, the second performance of the 2024 Nanjing Yangtze River Folk Music Festival, "When Silk Bamboo Meets Wind Music", kicked off at the riverside lawn of Nanjing International Youth Culture Park. Six top Chinese orchestras from the Yellow River and the Yangtze River Basin played "Our Festival" together with classic folk music.
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Nishang Yuyi Song, known as the peak of ancient Chinese dance music, is the treasure of Tang Dynasty music and dance culture, representing the high integration of music, dance and poetry art at that time.
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"General's Order", as a very representative ancient military music in Chinese traditional music, carries the long history and culture of the Chinese nation and the deep feelings of the family.
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"Qinglian Yuefu", as a shining pearl in Chinese classical music, not only carries rich historical and cultural connotation, but also embodies the essence of ancient Chinese music art.
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