The waist drum (pinyin: Yāogǔ) is one of the traditional Han nationality musical instruments, and it is an ancient national musical instrument of the Chinese Han nationality. It originates from life and expresses life well. The waist drum is a national musical instrument with a long history and crisp sound. the artistry.


  • Pinyin:Yāogǔ
  • type:percussion
  • style:lighthearted, lively
  • birthplace:Youdi Village, Zhang Village, Chuannanta Township, Heimutou, Hengshan County
  • shape:Short cylindrical, slightly smaller at both ends
Waist drum is a very unique folk large-scale dance art.
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In recent years, with the attention and support of the county party committee and the county government, the sports work for the elderly in Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province has been carried out prosperously and vigorously.
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In order to enable community residents to exercise and find self-confidence through waist drumming, achieve the effect of physical and mental pleasure and a younger mentality, and finally form a mature and representative waist drum art team in the community.
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Hearing the order of Feng Xiaozheng, the leader of the team, more than 20 sisters quickly formed a formation, beat their waist drums and danced happily. Scenes like this are staged almost every night in the cultural squares of other villages in Aigang Township.
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The police and members of the "Hong Jie Volunteer Team" came to Huayuan Community, Huayuan Street Community, Jiaobei Street, Jiefang District. Through the form of "waist drum performance + jingle", they promoted the knowledge of preventing telecommunications fraud to residents, and achieved good results.
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The campus of Tuankou Elementary School suddenly became lively with the sound of the drums. All the students hung waist drums on their waists and held drum sticks tied with red and green colored cloth in their hands.
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