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Su Haizhen, female, born in Dongxing, Guangxi in July 1973, solo harp player, vice president of the 10th Presidium of Guangxi Musicians Association.
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The score is Guqin music, Yang Qing played "Return" Guqin simple score.
一杯清酒 - 10 views
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In the magnificent picture scroll of Chinese folk music, "Embroidered Gold Plaque" is like a bright pearl, shining with its unique charm. This folk song originated from northern Shaanxi, through the ingenuity of Guzheng artists, turned into a beautiful melody on the zheng string.
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The score is the guzheng score, the complete version of the guzheng short score of Shengshi Guyue.
夜夜 - 12 views
汤圆 - 9 views
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Student artists in Shanghai marked the summer holiday with a spectacular music event.
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离去之原 - 12 views
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"Spring Breeze Ten Li for the New Year" is a kiss, a gun, Turkey, Lu Koukou, Lambert, Yang Fat Yu sang the song, by a kiss, a gun, Wang Dongxu, Lambert lyrics, a kiss, a gun compose music, is the theme song of Alipay 2020 set Wufu.
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The music is Guzheng music, "The Coming days are long" Guzheng simple music.