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In the bright star of traditional Chinese music, Guzheng occupies a place with its unique timbre and rich expression. Among them, the song "Wild Geese" is like a vivid picture scroll, showing the delicate description and profound perception of the beauty of nature in Chinese classical music.
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黑猫不是喵 - 5 views
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The music is Guzheng music, "White Horse" Guzheng simple music.
象牙山首富 - 9 views
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In the bright star of Chinese traditional music, Guzheng occupies an important position with its unique timbre and rich expression. As a classic guzheng song, "Cloud Qing" not only shows the long charm of the guzheng, but also wins the love of countless listeners with its far-reaching artistic charm.
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"Old Dreams" is a song by Chinese male singer Liu Haoyu, written by Liang Shuai, composed by Liang Shuai, and arranged by Fu Zhou. It is included in the album "Liu Haoyu's Cover Songs", released on March 3, 2020.
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象牙山首富 - 13 views
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The Song of Qin Sang originated in the ancient Land of Qin, that is, the area of today's Shaanxi Province, and is one of the treasures of local folk music. According to legend, this song depicts the scene of the ancient Qin women working in the mulberry garden, while collecting mulberry and raising silkworms, they miss their distant relatives, and express their deep attachment to their families and love for life. The song integrates the unique rhythm and rhythm of Qin land, making the whole song not only simple style, but also delicate emotion.
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离去之原 - 10 views
赵锦辛 - 7 views