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Starring Li Bingbing and Ren Quan, the film was created by composer Wang Xiaofeng and a famous director. Tan Jing sang songs in the film. Works elegant style, deep meaning long, beautiful songs tell the faith and feelings of entrepreneurship, telling Ma Xingtian and Xu Dongjin magic beautiful landscape love interpretation of mutual love, joint business touching story.
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The creative program of the Spring Festival Gala, "Man Ting Fang · National Color", stunned the whole country, chanted the traditional color with music and painted it with dance, so that the audience could deeply appreciate the unique romantic mood and oriental aesthetics of Chinese culture, and also let the "Chinese traditional color" cause extensive discussion in recent days.
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"Farewell to the Deep Sea" is the farewell song of the film "The Deep Sea", which was sung by Tang Hanxiao, written by Tang Hanxiao and Wang Jing, and composed by Tang Hanxiao, and released on January 22, 2023.
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"Wang" is the finale of the film "Man Jianghong", sung by Han Hong.
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At 19:40 on February 4, 2023, sponsored by Hefei Culture and Tourism Bureau, organized by Hefei Cultural Center and Baohe District Culture and Tourism Bureau, co-organized by Baohe District Cultural Center and Baohe District Musicians Association, Hefei Chinese Orchestra performed "Impression of Chinese Music" 2023 Hefei Folk Orchestral Spring Festival Concert was played in the concert Hall of Hefei Grand Theater.
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"Between Mountains and Rivers" is the main song in singer Xu Song's fifth album, "I'd rather have Tea". The song was inspired by Xu Song's inspiration when she lived in seclession. Xu Song wrote the lyrics, composed the music and sang the song alone.
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Shen Wu Yu Lin Ling was inspired by the story of the swordsman and the Frost Moon in Fengfeng Shen Wu. Ling frost month every day in front of the door waiting for his lover to return from the war, read to the depths, always gently play the strings pop up the missing love. This handy pop up the tune, it is "Shenwu Yu Lin Ring".
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The score for the Guzheng score, dream lyrics adapted "You" Guzheng score.
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During the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in 2023, in order to further guide the cultural and literary workers in the county to face the grassroots and serve the masses, and create a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere.
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In Gansu, there are several different kinds of suona art, of which Xifeng suona is the most famous. It is a folk wind and percussion music mainly played by suona, also known as drum and percussion music.
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The score is Guzheng score, dream lyrics adapted from "Cold River Snow" Guzheng score.
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On January 30, our county held the suona performance activity of "Culture into Intangible Cultural Heritage for the New Year" in the central square.
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