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"Big Girl Love" is a popular Yangko song in Northeast China. It has many versions and various playing methods. Here is the record of Tong Qinggui's music.
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"Field House Exploring Flowers" is a song sung by Shuangsheng, written by fruit juice Liangcai and composed by Pure White P, which is included in the album "Field House Exploring Flowers".
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The melody of "Cart Music" is graceful and smooth, the rhythm is cheerful and bright, and it strongly sets off the beautiful dancing posture of the car in the march.
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"Tang Pear Fried Snow" is an original vintage song performed by Yin Lin in 2013, which is included in the album "Rotten Grass for Firefly".
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The lady sat in high spirits on the float, the pulling woman trotted, the cart old man threw the white beard flying around, the red and green fringe hydrangea hanging on the top four corners of the float flew backward, the car like flying in the clouds. "Cloud Car Flying" with undulating melody Outlines a picture of a car moving on a suburban road.
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"Red Zhao Wish" is a song composed by absurd guest lyrics, Shang Xiaoji composed music, Yinque poetry listen to sing, included in January 18, 2017 Yinque poetry listen to release album "Red Zhao Wish".
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Sitting in a cloud car, walking on the road in the suburbs, the spring breeze is touching the face, the pedestrians are in a hurry, the car is like running clouds and water, the mother's heart flowers will be released, happy. "Empress Out of the Palace" with smooth melody, smooth rhythm, beautiful musical vocabulary expressed the empress and her entourage, in the spring bright, sunny spring outing happy mood.
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Bu Ran "is the theme song of the TV drama" Fragrant Honey Sinks Like Frost ", produced by Sa Dingding, composed by Jian Hong, written by Hai Lei, and sung by Mao Buyi.