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"Sanshengyuan" is a song written, composed and performed by Cheng Xiang, from Cheng Xiang's album "Sanshengyuan" released on July 25, 2019.
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Keyword is a song sung by Lin Junjie, which is composed by Lin Yifeng, Lin Junjie and Wu Qinglong.
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Ni Kaihong, member of the Third Youth Federation of Dehong Prefecture, examiner of Social Art Level Examination of Yunnan Arts University, President of Hulusi Association of Lianghe County.
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Recently, the Ruyi Erhu Concert (in commemoration of Min Hui-fen's birthday Series) was staged in the concert Hall of Shanghai Oriental Arts Center.
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"Open again pear flower" is a classic cantonese songs of the exemption in 1984, according to Alan tam "late spring" to write lyrics, Alan tam "late spring" is based on inaba sway of the summer に あ り が と う "to write lyrics.
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Recently, Taizhou City and Taixing City 18 years old rite of passage demonstration activities were held in Taixing Gymnasium. The students of Jiangsu Taixing Secondary Professional School who have reached the age of 18 step through the adult door together and step into a new stage of life with firm steps.
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The 2022 Guilin Art Festival will be held in Guilin from Dec 10 to 18, the organizing committee of the Guilin Art Festival announced on Dec 4. The first Guilin Art Festival consists of four sections: Drama performance, Street Tour, Music scene and art lecture. It will bring 29 plays to 10 different performance venues inside and outside the theater, with a total of 128 performances.
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The theme song of "Beauty Yu's Blooming Hillside", edited by Mao Xiaobei.
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On Dec 1, the second session of the Wuhan Qintai Guqin Culture and Art Research Institute concluded in Hanyang district of Wuhan.
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Yao Jiannan, graduated from Zhejiang Normal University in 2015, is now a music teacher of Huzhou Xinfeng Experimental Primary School Education Group. "The school has been exploring the road of 'education for prosperity together'. Since the establishment of the Teaching Community with multiple units in 2019, we have conducted more than 100 synchronized classes." Yao Jiannan told reporters: "This is for rural schools to send education activities, I am very honored to teach for Shangqiang primary school students."
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"Across the Sea to See You" is a song written, composed and performed by Jonathan Lee, a Chinese musician from Taiwan. It is included in the album "Rational and Sensual Works Concert".
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The Guqin art represented by "Zhang's Guqin" in Gansu province is one of the only guqin culture with complete inheritance in Northwest China.
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In recent years, Leling City of Dezhou actively practices the policy of "protection first, rescue first, rational utilization, inheritance and development", and strives to promote the industrialization and marketization of traditional handmaking.
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