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Introduction to bump peng peng peng(guzheng)Master actor actress

Peng Jingxuan, nicknamed "Pengpengpengpengpeng", became popular on the Internet by playing the guzheng on the streets of France and promoting traditional Chinese folk music. In addition to playing Chinese music, he has also achieved a "combination of Chinese and Western", playing foreign repertoires with Guzheng, such as "Croatian Rhapsody".

Pengpeng Pengpeng is an up-master of the music area of station B. He currently has 2.236 million fans. His videos mainly focus on guzheng renditions, spanning traditional Chinese famous songs, popular songs, two-dimensional elements, etc. His masterpiece is composed of Guzheng "Ten" Ambush", Guzheng "Huo Yuanjia", Guzheng "See You Again", etc.
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Wang Li is a Chinese music master, whose representative work is Liuyang River.
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Zang Hongxiao, born in June 2006, is currently studying at Xinqiao Senior High School in Changzhou City. He is under the tutelage of Mr. Jiang Zhoujian, a member of the Aesthetic Education Working Committee of the Chinese Art Vocational Education Association and the founder of the Jiangsu Zhouyi Aesthetic Education Brand.
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Su Yitong, a young Chinese guzheng player, founded the Beijing Guoyin Yaleqin Museum in 2012, and in 2013 established the "Zhonghua Zheng" Five-color String Orchestra.
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Yang Yang (scientific name Hu Xuwan) was born in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. At the age of 18, he is currently studying Guzheng in the third grade of the high school attached to the Central Conservatory of Music. Under the tutelage of Professor Yuan Sha, a famous guzheng performer and educator from the Central Conservatory of Music.
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Zhan Qian, female, from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is a young Chinese guzheng performer. She is currently studying at the School of Music of Nanjing University of the Arts, pursuing a master's degree in Chinese musical instrument performance under the tutelage of her tutor, Professor Yan Aihua, a guzheng educator.
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Guzheng (pinyin: Gǔ Zhēng), also known as Hanzheng and Qinzheng, is an ancient national musical instrument of the Han nationality and is popular all over China. It is often used for solo, duet, instrumental ensemble and accompaniment of song and dance, opera and folk art. Because of its wide range, beautiful timbre, rich playing skills and strong expressiveness, it is known as the "King of Music", also known as "Oriental Piano", and is one of the unique and important national musical instruments in China.

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Organized by 青鸟 on 2022-11-30
A light blue dress is elegant and plain. In a folk house in Chinatown, Florida, the United States, a woman who looks like Princess Yang was playing a zither, and her hands fell gently, like big pearls rolling down a jade plate. The sound was heard by the ears and never stopped.
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Organized by 辞惘 on 2022-11-29
Comprehensively improve the production and performance skills of ethnic musical instrument merchants in Juyang Town, Lankao County, promote the inheritance and development of ethnic musical instrument culture, drive the national musical instrument industry to become bigger and stronger, and realize the in-depth inheritance of ethnic musical instrument culture in the spiritual highland.
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Organized by Susan on 2022-11-28
Recently, China Merchants International Conference Room held Guzheng experience activities for Chinese and foreign residents, inviting professional orchestras to perform live, showing excellent classical Chinese music culture for Chinese and foreign residents.
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Organized by 某某 on 2022-11-28
On November 27, Chang Jing, a renowned guzheng player known as the "fairy of the Guzheng", and Zhang Di, a dizi player and member of the Fairy music troupe, visited the Daiguan (Liangzhu Culture and Art Center) and replayed the painting of the Book of Songs with music as paper and sound as ink.
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Organized by 花昼 on 2022-11-23
Recently, sponsored by Wuhan Jingcai Cultural Communication Co., LTD., co-organized by Shanghai Folk Musical Instrument Factory Co., LTD., and guided by Hubei Folk Orchestral Society and Hubei Musicians Association Guzheng Society, the Dunhuang Guyue 2022 Chutian Zheng Star Series Exhibition activities were successfully held in Wuhan.
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