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Hulusi (pinyin: hú lu sī), also known as "calabash flute", is a musical instrument of ethnic minorities in Yunnan. Hulusi originated in Lianghe County, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, and is mainly popular in Dai, Achang, Wa, De'ang and Brown. The Dehong and Lincang areas in Yunnan where ethnic groups live together are rich in local colors.


  • Pinyin:hú lu sī
  • alias:gourd flute, gourd flute (Dai language)
  • foreign name:cucurbit flute ; bottle gourd silk
  • timbre:Soft and slender
The gourd flute and flute are a good time for Achang youth to talk about love and find lifelong partners during the slack season or various festivals and gatherings every year, as well as the usual labor. Whenever this time, no matter where the young men go, they will stick the March Xiao at the back of the neck in the collar, or pin it at the waist.
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Hulusi has a long history and was gradually evolved and transformed from the "sheng" in the Central Plains. Originated in the Central Plains, and later spread to the southwestern minority areas. The structure still maintains the legacy of ancient musical instruments. Its two auxiliary pipes do not open sound holes, like the ancient Xiao, and can be used to produce continuous fifths. However, its director has opened 7 sound holes, which is very similar to the later Xiao and Di, showing its radicality in history. However, today's gourd flute still maintains the characteristics of ancient similar instruments in structure.
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Bian Ge is a young Chinese flute player, flute and flute teacher, and music creator. He is good at flute, xiao, xun, ocarina, cucurbit flute, bawu and other wind instruments.
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Feng Yu, director of the Hulusi Bawu Professional Committee of the Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society; examiner of the National Social Artistic Proficiency Examination Committee of the Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society; president of the Sichuan Hulusi Research Association; under the tutelage of the famous cucurbit flute artist Mr. Li Chunhua.
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Xi Li Hanle, a young cucurbit player, vice president of Xishuangbanna cucurbit Bawu Association.
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He Yuan is a national first-class performer, composer and music producer of the China Broadcasting Art Troupe.
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Ding Xiaokui is a young wind musician of the Central Chinese Orchestra.
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On the afternoon of September 21, the "Hulusi Rhythm, Fishery Folk Music" officially opened for the cucurbit silk class in the fishing community of Qingling Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan City. More than 30 students from the community organization area attended the awarding ceremony, flag awarding and opening ceremony.
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On September 15, Liuliping Town Primary School in Danjiangkou City held the opening ceremony of the teacher's cucurbit flute training and the first cucurbit flute training. More than 30 teachers from the school participated in the activity.
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There are such a group of retired residents in Jindu Garden Community, Sibaoshan Street, Zibo High-tech Zone. They have like-minded interests and similar hobbies. They get together every day to dance square dance, blow cucurbit silk, and enjoy their retirement life. Colorful, fulfilling and happy.
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Recently, Deng Yangming, a 9-year-old girl from Qujing, won the gold medal in the top sixteen finals in the competition of "I Love You China - 2022 China Yunnan Hulusibawu Culture and Art Festival".
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Recently, "Beautiful Lianghe", composed by Dai Jianmei, was officially released. "Beautiful Lianghe" has a beautiful melody and warmth, and the song is full of infinite love for Lianghe.
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