Sheng (pinyin: shēng) is one of the oldest musical instruments in China. It is the earliest instrument in the world to use free reeds, and it is also the originator of most existing reed instruments in the world.


  • Chinese name:Sheng
  • Pinyin:shēng
  • country of origin:China
  • Types of:wind instrument
The timbre of Sheng is bright and sweet, the treble is crisp, the midrange is soft, and the bass is strong, so it has the reputation of "the sound of the phoenix". There is also a beautiful legend about the origin of Sheng.
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Sheng is one of the oldest musical instruments in China, the first in the world to use free reeds, and the originator of most existing reed instruments in the world. Sheng belongs to the reed musical instrument family, which has the characteristics of clear and elegant pronunciation, soft sound quality and strong singing ability, and has the characteristics of Chinese folk.
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Zheng Yang, a young sheng player of the Beijing Chinese Orchestra, holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from the Central Conservatory of Music. He has successively studied under Professor Zhang Xiaodong, Yuan Yongchang and Yang Shoucheng. He is an excellent talent introduced by the Beijing Chinese Orchestra in 2018.
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Yan Jingsheng, a famous sheng performer, professor of Sichuan Conservatory of Music. He was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music with the first grade in his major.
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Wang Lei, contemporary young sheng performer, associate professor of the Central Conservatory of Music, tutor of postgraduate students, director of the Band and Chamber Music Teaching and Research Section of the Department of Folk Music. Member of the Chinese Musicians Association, executive director of the Sheng Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestra Society.
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Zhang Zhentao was born in 1955, native of Shandong. In 1995, he obtained a doctorate in literature from the Chinese Academy of Arts, and in 2001, he received a doctorate in philosophy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
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Zhang Zhiliang was born in Hebei in January 1940. Professor of China Conservatory of Music, member of China Musicians Association. Sheng performer, composer, educator.
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In 2015, the first Shanghai Conservatory of Music Sheng Art Week was held in Shanghai, which not only built a platform for Sheng art exhibition and international exchange, but also achieved fruitful results, which greatly promoted the vigorous development of Sheng art.
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On the evening of August 31, the symphonic poem "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" jointly performed by musicians from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao was staged at the Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangzhou, which opened the curtain of the second Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Culture and Art Festival.
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The summer is approaching, and the 2022 free art popularization summer training of Hebei Mass Art Museum will continue to recruit students! The registration deadline is July 3, 2022, and the course will officially start on July 12, 2022.
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He is a well-known sheng master in the industry, and he is also a sheng craftsman. Most of the Sheng used by dozens of provincial art troupes and troupes in Lu, Henan, Su, Wan, Ji, Tianjin and Shanghai came from him.
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Sheng's playing skills are the most abundant of all wind instruments. As the originator of reed instruments, the influence of Sheng's skills not only greatly enriches the expressive power of wind music, but also plays a positive role in promoting world music.
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