Lusheng (pinyin: lú shēng) is a reed instrument of the Miao, Yao, Dong and other ethnic groups in the southwest region. Its predecessor was the yu of the Han nationality.


  • type:reed instrument
  • Pinyin:lú shēng
  • predecessor:The yau of the Han nationality in the Central Plains
  • raw material:bamboo, wood, metal
  • Classification:Light tone reed, heavy tone reed
The reed is a reed instrument of the Miao, Yao, Dong and other ethnic groups in the southwest. Originating in the Central Plains, it was introduced to the minority areas in the later Tang Dynasty, and its predecessor was the yu of the Han nationality.
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Luo Wenjun, who walked out of Guizhou and went to the world with a Konoha, is now a national first-class actor and a famous Konoha performer in the Guizhou Provincial National Song and Dance Troupe.
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Yang Zhengping, Miao nationality, born in December 1974, is a native of Danzhai County, Guizhou Province, and has been fond of reeds since childhood.
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He created the repertoire of the reed ensemble, boldly innovated and tried the reed ensemble performance, and made the reed, a "rural" instrument, into the hall of elegance.
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In order to let young people establish the concept of protecting and inheriting intangible cultural heritage from an early age, and enhance the national pride of students, on May 27, the Dong Nationality intangible cultural heritage culture propaganda group brought the unique musical instrument of the Dong family, the Lusheng, into Wuling Middle School. The Moral Education Office of the United School launched a unique publicity and performance activity.
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"The community has really done a good thing for our Miao cultural heritage and a real thing for our Miao people."
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"Everything comes into Sheng song, and there are Sheng music everywhere", Lusheng is a traditional and ancient reed wind instrument of the Miao people, which has accompanied the Miao people through thousands of years of history.
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Congjiang County, Xiangdong Town, Xiangdong Village School, in conjunction with the Customs Work Committee, combined with its own reality and local characteristics, organized "five old people" to come to the school to carry out a series of activities for the introduction of ethnic culture into the campus and the "Inheritance and Development of Jiudong Culture on Campus".
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