Hu Jia (pinyin: Hú Jiā), also known as Chao'er and Modun Chao'er, is a musical instrument of ancient northern peoples in my country.


  • type:edge air musical instrument
  • nickname:Tide, Morton Tide
  • Pinyin:Hú Jiā
Hujia is a fringe air-sounding instrument, a kind of musical instrument of the ancient northern peoples in my country.
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When playing Hu Jia, the body of the pipe is placed upright, the pipe is held in both hands, and the index and middle fingers of both hands are placed in the three sound holes respectively.
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Wooden three-hole huja. The tube body is made of wood, the length of the tube is 58.5 cm and the diameter of the tube is 1.8 cm. There are three circular sound holes in the lower part, and there is no reed at the upper end of the tube.
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