Guanzi (pinyin: guǎn zi) is a wind instrument. In ancient China, it was called "筚篥" or "Luguan". Its structure consists of three parts: the whistle, the intruder and the cylindrical body.


  • Pinyin:guǎn zi
  • Types of:wind instrument
  • alias:bili
  • material:wooden
Guanzi, anciently known as bi li , jia guan. In ancient times, there was a kind of wind instrument called "pipe". "Book of Songs, Zhou Song, You Gu": "If you are prepared, you will play, and the flute tube will be prepared." "Erya Shile": "The big tube is called the posthumous title."
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咖喱麦兜 - 180 views
风月呢喃 - 73 views
Zhang Rongyi is a suona player and composer. He has a solid foundation in performance, a unique style, and is skilled in playing a variety of musical instruments, such as pipe, ka cavity, and mold flute.
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Guo Xiang, a national first-class actor, is a pipe player of the Beijing Radio Chinese Orchestra. He is also a superb saxophone player.As a guanzi player, Guo Xiang is very worried and regretful about the current situation of guanzi in China.
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Hu Zhihou, member of the Academic Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music, director of the National Wind Music and Percussion Teaching and Research Section, and concurrently the vice president of the National Wind Music Research Association of the Chinese Musicians Association.
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Yang Luan_yangluan, graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, is a 17th undergraduate and 21st graduate student. He is an up-master in the music area of station B. He currently has 13,000 fans. His videos mainly focus on wind instruments, and play niche instruments in a different flavor.
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Every morning, before 8 o’clock, the sound of the pipe will sound on time in the piano room 418 of the Qinfang Building of the Central Conservatory of Music. This is Hu Zhihou, a professor of the Folk Music Department of the Central Conservatory of Music, a pipe player and an educator, who is over 70 years old.
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Bai folk instrumental music mainly includes sanxian music, suona wind and percussion music, cave scripture music, etc. In addition, there are also ancient music and tunes played by bamboo flute, mouth spring, wood leaf and so on.
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The timbre of bili is either high-pitched and crisp, or sad and mournful, with distinct texture. As a part of Hu Le, it was spread to the Central Plains via the Silk Road, and it was also loved by people.
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In March, another national event will bloom in Zhengzhou. The 2022 China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Annual Conference will be held in Zhengzhou from March 21 to 24.
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Modern pipes are composed of whistle, intruder and pipe body. The small tube whistle is made of reed, one end is tied with a thin wire, the other end is flattened, and it is directly inserted into the upper end of the tube, with a higher pronunciation.
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