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The timbre of bili is either high-pitched and crisp, or sad and mournful, with distinct texture. As a part of Hu Le, it was spread to the Central Plains via the Silk Road, and it was also loved by people. In the evening of that day, An Wanshan, a musician of the Hu people, faced the sunset light hidden by the yellow sand, and blew his scorpion again. The desolate and sad sound made the poet ...
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Modern pipes are composed of whistle, intruder and pipe body. The small tube whistle is made of reed, one end is tied with a thin wire, the other end is flattened, and it is directly inserted into the upper end of the tube, with a higher pronunciation; the large tube whistle is made of bamboo and inserted into the intruder. The intruder is made of copper, tapered, and inserted into the upper en...
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