Mouth flute (Pinyin: kǒu dí) is a bamboo musical instrument. In 1971, Mr. Yu Xunfa, a famous bamboo flute player, invented and created the mouth flute, which is suitable for solo, ensemble and accompaniment.


  • type:bamboo musical instrument
  • Pinyin:kǒu dí
  • Origin:China
  • time of origin:1971
  • inventor:Yu Xunfa
  • Applicable fields:solo, ensemble, accompaniment
Mouth flute, a bamboo musical instrument, originated in the Yellow Emperor period. It was invented by Mr. Yu Xunfa, a bamboo flute player, in early 1971.
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Yu Xunfa, born on January 8, 1946, is a native of Shanghai. Dizi player, first-class player of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra.
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The mouth flute, the smallest member of the Chinese bamboo flute family, is the fingering table that beginners are more concerned about. The following is a five-hole mouth flute fingering table for everyone.
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The tone of the flute is bright, high-pitched, similar to a whistle, and has strong penetrating power.
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The expressive power of the flute is very rich. It can not only play a long and high-pitched melody, but also express a vast and broad mood. Regarding the maintenance of the flute, the following must be paid attention to.
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Regarding the choice of a flute, it is actually similar to a flute. You can choose a suitable flute from the following methods.
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To play the mouth flute, the thumbs of the right and left hands control the first and second holes, the index finger of the left hand presses the third hole, the middle finger and index finger of the right hand press the fourth and fifth holes, the ring finger of the right hand and the middle finger of the left hand press the body of the flute against the lips, and the ring finger of the left hand Hold the flute with the back of your fingers.
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