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Bone flute (pinyin: gǔ dí), is a kind of flute, also known as eagle flute, eagle bone flute, jay, first discovered 8,000 years ago, Tibetan, Tajik, Kirgiz edge-edge air-sounding musical instruments, often used for solo.


  • type:edge air musical instrument
  • nickname:Eagle Flute, Eagle Bone Flute
  • Pinyin:gǔ dí
  • first discovered:8000 years ago
In the spring of 1994, farmers in Sanzuodian Village, Chutoulang Township, Songshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia found a bone flute while planting trees.
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Jiahu Bone Flute, as the earliest playable musical instrument discovered in the world, is the first of the "Nine Treasures of the Town Courtyard" in Henan Museum, and it still exudes a charming brilliance.
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Wuyang bone flutes are generally more than 20 centimeters long and about 1.1 centimeters in diameter. The circular holes are all distributed on the same side, generally 7 holes, and the production is standardized.
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A bone flute (remnant) from the Northern Dynasty (4th to 5th century AD) was unearthed at the Tuokuzsalai site in Bachu County, Xinjiang. The Tajik people call it Nayi, and the Kirgiz people call it Choaor.
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In 1973, there were dozens of bone flutes unearthed at the Hemudu site in Yuyao, Zhejiang, in the Zhejiang Provincial Museum.
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This musical instrument is only about the length of chopsticks. It is made of the big eagle's ulna. It is warm and light yellow. He called it "bone Yue" (the same sound as "Yue"), and more people called it "bone flute", which originated from Jiahu, Wuyang, Henan. Eight or nine thousand years ago, Jiahu ancestors invented this musical instrument.
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There was a businessman in Tai'an named Li Ma. He once went to Wumeng House to do jade raw material business. Sometimes, in order to wait for good raw materials, he often lived for three or five months, and he usually borrowed from a local farmer. Once, he passed by a house unintentionally and heard someone playing a flute inside.
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It is said that "one piece of Henan history, half of China's history", at the end of 2021, Kevin visited the Henan Museum, and the breath of history that came to him made Kevin feel the rich heritage, culture, art and historical heritage of Henan culture.
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Bone flute is a kind of flute and the earliest musical instrument. Also known as the eagle flute or the eagle bone flute, the following is how to play it.
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Bone flute is a kind of flute and the earliest musical instrument. Also known as eagle flute or eagle bone flute, the following is a detailed analysis of the production method of bone flute.
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