Awu (pinyin: ā wū), also known as Brila, is a musical instrument of the Yi nationality, which is popular among the Sama branch of the Yi nationality and the Zijun people in Guandu District, a suburb of Kunming City, Yunnan Province.


  • type:edge air musical instrument
  • nickname:Brila
  • Pinyin:ā wū
  • nationality:Yi people
Awu is also known as Brila because of the sound of "Awu, Awu", which is named after the first line of the ancient "Awu Song". It has a long history, and there is such a legend circulating among the people.
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Zijun people are good at singing and dancing, and the king of folk music should use the musical instrument "Awu" and "Awu" tune "Bulali" as the most representative, which has been more than 3,500 years ago.
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Awu is a fringe air-sounding instrument of the Sama branch of the Yi people and the Zijun people. The whole body is made of clay and mud, and some are fired into pottery.
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Awutong body is made of clay and mud, and some are roasted into pottery. The shapes are mainly diamond-shaped and crescent-shaped. In addition, there are many kinds of human head shape, strange human head shape, bull head shape and frog shape.
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