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The tone of the flute is bright, high-pitched, similar to a whistle, and has strong penetrating power. The mouth flute is particularly suitable for expressing beautiful melodies and lively and lively cheerful tunes, and can vividly imitate the singing of birds and human voices. In ethnic bands, it is often used to play cadenza, which can be used for solo, ensemble or accom...
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Regarding the choice of a flute, it is actually similar to a flute. You can choose a suitable flute from the following methods. When choosing a flute, the quality and type of the flute should be considered. The quality of the flute depends not only on the quality of the flute itself, but also on the level of production. When selecting and purchasing, inspection should be carried...
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Mouth flute, a bamboo musical instrument, originated in the Yellow Emperor period. It was invented by Mr. Yu Xunfa, a bamboo flute player, in early 1971. Later, in order to increase the range of the two-hole mouth flute, Yu Xunfa added three more finger holes, thus successfully developing the five-hole mouth flute. There are also many people who have improved the mo...
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