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Mouth flute (Pinyin: kǒu dí) is a bamboo musical instrument. In 1971, Mr. Yu Xunfa, a famous bamboo flute player, invented and created the mouth flute, which is suitable for solo, ensemble and accompaniment.

The mouth flute is simple in structure and easy to make. It is mostly made of yellow withered bamboo or small water bamboo. It can also be made of long-stemmed bamboo, water hyacinth bamboo, purple bamboo or other materials.

The tone of the flute is bright, high-pitched, similar to a whistle, and has strong penetrating power. It is especially suitable for expressing beautiful melodies and lively and lively cheerful tunes, and can vividly imitate the singing of birds and human voices. In ethnic bands, it is often used to play cadenza, which can be used for solo, ensemble or accompaniment. In addition, it can participate in the ensemble of Western orchestras, and it is a colorful instrument with unique effects.

  • type:bamboo musical instrument
  • Pinyin:kǒu dí
  • Origin:China
  • time of origin:1971
  • inventor:Yu Xunfa
  • Applicable fields:solo, ensemble, accompaniment

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