Daguangxian overview


Daguangxian (pinyin: dà guǎng xián) is a popular huqin folk musical instrument in Taiwan and southern Fujian.

Daguangxian is an ancient stringed instrument in my country. It belongs to the Huqin category. It was first spread in Fujian and other places in southern China. It was used to play folk songs, ditties, and quyi, such as Jinge in southern Fujian. Later, it became one of the main instruments in Taiwanese opera. .

Daguangxian is a bowed stringed musical instrument widely distributed in southern Fujian, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, where overseas Chinese live in southern Fujian. It is widely used in traditional art forms such as local opera and instrumental music.

  • Pinyin:dà guǎng xián
  • Classification:stringed musical instrument
  • Category:Huqin class
  • spread in:Fujian and other places in the south

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