zhuiqin audition

The zither (pinyin: zhuì qín), also known as the pendant and the falling string, is a traditional stringed instrument. It is the main accompaniment instrument of Henan Quyi pendant book.


  • Chinese name:Falling piano
  • alias:pendant, pendant
  • Classification:traditional stringed instrument
  • pinyin:zhuì qín
  • popular area:Shandong Lu Opera, Henan Qinshu Band
The violin has a history of nearly a hundred years. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, rap music forms such as "Yingge Liu" and "Sanxian Jiaozishu" were circulated in Henan, and the main instrument for their accompaniment was Xiaosanxian.
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Standing Committee Member Ma, a national first-class performer, a famous violinist, the current assistant to the president of Shandong Lv Theater, a member of the Chinese Dramatists Association, a member of the Musicians Association, the heir of the national intangible cultural heritage, and a visiting professor of Shandong Art Institute.
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City Facebook, stories around you. Tasting the characters of the city and listening to the story of Guo Xiuming, the inheritor of handmade qin. Guo Xiuming is the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Rizhao City - Guo's hand-made qin craftsmanship.
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The traditional playing form of the pendant is mostly self-pulling and self-singing. When playing, the pendant is placed on the leg, the left hand holds the piano bar to press the strings, and the right hand holds the bow to play.
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The pendant is composed of six parts: the stem, the drum, the strings, the bow, the bass, and the headstock. The following will introduce the production process and materials of the six parts of the pendant.
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There are mainly 6 kinds of specifications of the pendant.
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The pendant still maintains the small three-string shape, and the barrel is the same as that of the Sihu.
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