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zhuiqin The zither (pinyin: zhuì qín), also known as the pendant and the falling string, is a traditional stringed instrument. It is the main accompaniment instrument of Henan Quyi pendant book.
When the pendant was singing Yingge Liushu (a kind of rap music) in the late Qing Dynasty, it was reformed and developed into the pendant with the accompaniment instrument Xiaosanxian. The speaker of the pendant is slightly smaller like a three-stringed violin, the drum surface is changed from python skin to a tungsten board, and the piano bar retains the three-stringed fingerboard, which is played with a horsetail bamboo bow, so it is changed to a stringed instrument.

The sound of the pendant is rich. Falling qin is mainly spread in northern Henan, southern Shandong and southern Hebei, especially in Henan.
  • Chinese name:Falling piano
  • alias:pendant, pendant
  • Classification:traditional stringed instrument
  • pinyin:zhuì qín
  • popular area:Shandong Lu Opera, Henan Qinshu Band

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