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Guanzi (pinyin: guǎn zi) is a wind instrument. In ancient China, it was called "篥" or "Luguan". Its structure consists of three parts: the whistle, the intruder and the cylindrical body. Available for solo, ensemble and accompaniment. Through changes and development, the playing skills of the pipe have been continuously enriched and developed. And it is widely popular in Chinese folk and has become a common musical instrument that people love. Mostly used in military and folk music. Popular in all parts of our country, it is loved by many ethnic groups such as Han, Uyghur, and Korean.
There are many types of pipes, among which the drum sound is d1 and e1 are more common. Flat blowing plus super blowing can achieve a range of two and a half octaves. Tubes are divided into large, medium and small, as well as double tubes and keyed tubes. The large tube is about 33 cm long, the medium tube is 24.5 cm long, and the small tube is 18 cm long. The big pipe is four degrees lower than the small pipe, and the timbre is high-pitched. It is often used for leading performances in northern wind music.
The volume of the pipe is large, the tone is high-pitched and bright, rough and simple, and it is full of strong local flavor. The structure of the pipe is relatively simple and consists of three parts: the whistle, the intruder and the cylindrical pipe body. Pipes are versatile and can be used for solos, ensembles, and accompaniment. Especially in some music genres in northern China, the pipe is a very important wind instrument. In addition to the commonly used vibrato, glissando, glide, articulation, and tongue-in-cheek, there are also special percussion, cross-tone, shabu-shabu and sibilance. In addition to the skills of the fingers, the depth of the whistle in the mouth also determines the sound of the pipe. When playing, the changes in the shape of the mouth can also simulate the human voice and the sounds of various animals. Long-duration sound patterns can be played without interruption by using the circulatory ventilation method.

  • Pinyin:guǎn zi
  • Types of:wind instrument
  • alias:bili
  • material:wooden

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