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Yandun drum is a traditional folk art of the Han nationality with a long history. It is unique in Guangxi and even in the whole country. It is concentrated and well preserved. Its cultural heritage is profound and rich in connotation; pure handmade, ancestral craftsmanship, unique and breathtaking, love at all costs. It has high artistic value, ornamental collection value, and tourism development value.

Yandun big drum is made by hand from camphor wood or nanmu, cowhide, strips, bamboo nails, wooden nails, wood blocks and other raw materials. The diameter of the drum surface is 1.3~1.8 meters, the height of the drum is 2~3 meters, the weight of the drum is 20~350 kg, the drum sticks are in pairs, and the length is 5~8 inches.

The sound of the drums is like thunder, and the sound reaches for several miles. The rhythm and rhythm are distinct, and the combination of fast, medium and slow forms a unique routine of "kick the drum, promote the drum, press the drum, and close the drum". Yandun Town in Lingshan has the title of Hometown of Lingshan Drum.

Yandun drums are mainly distributed in Yandun Town, and some villages in Nanxiang Town, Hengxian County bordering Yandun, Liutan and Guliao Village in Pingnan Town, Lingshan County, etc. The 264 natural villages of 20 village committees in the town retain no less than 300 drums. Each natural village has more than one drum, and the one in Shidui Village is the largest, with a drum surface diameter of 1.3 meters and a drum barrel height of 3 meters.

Yandun Town still has the largest three-sided big drum. According to the written records on the drum barrel, it was made in 1909 (the first year of Xuantong in the Qing Dynasty) and is mainly stored in the three villages of Shidui, Liufeng and Changlu. The wood is 100-year-old camphor wood or nanmu, which is elegant from the drum barrel, smooth and shiny, without the slightest moth-eaten corrosion, and its sound quality is excellent. As for the small drum extended from the big drum to the children's drum, its shape is not very different from the Yandun big drum. It's just that adults play drums or children play drums during the New Year's Eve.

According to statistics, the most preserved big drums in Yandun are Shidui, Sanlian, Liufeng, Yandun, Miaozhuang, Fengshan, Nahe, Jiaping, Liujia, Dengtang, Dayuan, Maozhen, Nahe, Si Practice, Sixth Bureau, Changlu and other villages.

  • Pinyin:yān dūn dà gǔ
  • category:percussion
  • constitute:drum head, drum body, drum foot

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