Yunluo (pinyin: yún luó), which appeared in the Tang Dynasty and became popular in the Yuan Dynasty, is a percussion instrument used by the Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Manchu, Naxi, Bai, Yi and other ethnic groups. The ancient name Yunzhe, also known as Yun'ao, is also known as Jiuyin Gong in the folk. Tibetans call it Dingdong and Dingdang.


  • Pinyin:yún luó
  • Classification:percussion
  • popular area:Inner Mongolia, Yunnan
  • time of appearance:Tang Dynasty
Our ancestors choreographed small gongs with different pitches very early and used them in musical practice. In the Song Dynasty painter Su Hanchen's "Trademan Picture", a merchantman hangs several musical instruments, one of which is a ten-faced cloud gong.
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A banging bear is an up master of the music area of station B. His videos are mainly drum performances, and his personal signature is a wild percussionist. Most of the video content is cooperative content.
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Zhang Zhentao was born in 1955, native of Shandong. In 1995, he obtained a doctorate in literature from the Chinese Academy of Arts, and in 2001, he received a doctorate in philosophy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
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Jia Daqun was born in the mountain city of Chongqing in 1955 and started his artistic career by studying fine arts. From the age of thirteen, he studied painting under the tutelage of Professor Wang Xingyu of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts for eight years.
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I'm used to reading fashion magazines and trendy brands, but today I'll show you something different. This is the twenty-one band from the Qing Dynasty that swept the world. You must not have thought that this Qing Dynasty band had debuted in the C position and led the fashion. Just the folk music playing and painting have been sold at home and abroad.
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In March, another national event will bloom in Zhengzhou. The 2022 China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Annual Conference will be held in Zhengzhou from March 21 to 24.
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Yun Gong, also known as "Yun'ao", "Xian'ao" and "Qiong'ao", is a rhythm-compliant musical instrument, that is, a musical instrument that does not change its pitch due to the playing technique. In the big family of traditional Chinese percussion instruments, the cloud gong is a common and special existence.
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​The cloud gong consists of a gong body, a gong stand and a gong hammer. Cloud gongs consist of several small bronze gongs of the same size, but with different thicknesses and pitches. These gongs are hung on a wooden frame in musical order, and each gong is suspended in the frame of the wooden frame by 3 ropes. The playing method of cloud gongs is similar to that of Chinese gongs. It is played with a mallet. It is usually arranged in groups of ten, and there are also large cloud gongs in groups of fourteen and twenty-four.
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The alloy composition of the copper used in the reform cloud gong is different from that of the traditional ringing copper, and its sound quality is purer and stronger. When playing, two kinds of gongs, soft and hard, are used, one for each kind, and one person holds one gong in his left and right hands to play while standing. The soft gongs are made of soft rubber or smaller Beijing gongs, with soft and beautiful pronunciation; the hard gongs are made of horns or hard rubber, with strong and bright pronunciation. They are often used in the high-pitched area and play fast melodies with great brilliance.
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