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The xylophone (pinyin: mù qín) is a percussion instrument composed of a set of small rectangular wooden blocks. According to the length of the wooden blocks, these wooden blocks are arranged in a certain order. When playing, two wooden mallets are tapped on the wooden block, making a dry percussion sound that is slightly like a bone. The sound quality is strong and harsh, and it has extraordinary penetrating power.


  • Pinyin:mù qín
  • foreign name:Xylophone
  • Classification:melodic percussion
  • origin:Africa
  • popular area:Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America, etc.
The origin of the xylophone is very early. According to legend, there were xylophones in Africa, Java and Indonesia in the 14th century.
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works collection
Fighter Zhuo Zhuo, certified percussion performer of station b, winner of the Chinese government's highest award, Wenhua Award. Actor of "The Most Beautiful Night in 2020" bilibili New Year's Eve Gala, percussionist of the musical "Mamma Mia!", drummer of the League of Legends Global Finals, and the Glory of Kings World Champion Cup.
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Hiroto, a video blogger of Youtube video site, has accumulated 4,250 subscribers. His videos are mainly percussion music, including the performance and teaching videos of instruments such as taiko, xylophone, and snare drum. Its representative work - [Xylophone/Previous Past Life] Your Name's theme song has been played by 2.77 million and has been widely praised.
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The xylophone is played with two-handed small hard or soft hammers. When played with a hammer, it can produce a woody, hard and cold, less reverberating, high-cold, crisp, and granular sound, which is very suitable for playing various forms of scales, arpeggios, glissando, vibrato, rolls, doubles. Tricky phrases for pitching, jumping in, and even jumping in from a distance.
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At present, the xylophones used in our country can be divided into two types according to their shapes: one is called trapezoid or grand piano, and the other is called horizontal row Qin or marimba. The arrangement and playing methods are quite different. A brief introduction is given below.
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The basic structure of the xylophone is composed of several long and short hardwood sound bars arranged in parallel on a shelf. Band xylophones come in two forms. The more common one is the vertical type. That is, the sound bars are arranged in two columns like the black and white keys of a piano, and there is a metal resonance tube under each sound bar. The sound range is generally C(4)/C(8) or F(4)/C(8), and the real sound is an octave higher than the notation.
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