Ding dong(pinyin:ding dong), a unique percussion instrument of the Li nationality, is named after the sound of the instrument. Among the Li people, both men and women, young and old, love to play Ding-dong, and regard it as their favorite musical instrument. They also compose many Ding-dong folk songs, and they will play and sing at the same time during Chinese New Year, festivals or gatherings.


  • Chinese name:叮咚[dīng dōng]
  • Classification:percussion instrument
  • origin:Li nationality
  • popular area:Hainan
  • pinyin:Dīng dōng
Ding-dong is an ancient folk musical instrument of the Li nationality. Ding-dong has been circulated in Hainan for a long time. It records the era of slash-and-burn cultivation by the Li people.
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Ding-dong is an ancient musical instrument of the Li nationality. Ding-dong has been circulated among the people in Dongfang, Baoting, Baisha and Ledong in Hainan for a long time.
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Friends who have been to Hainan know that there is a warm and hospitable ethnic group in Hainan, that is, the Li people. Most of the Li people live on Hainan Island. The Li people not only make pottery and Li brocade... They are also a nation that loves music and dances and can sing and dance well.
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When playing with ding dong, the player stands in front of the ding dong stand, holding a round wooden stick 30 cm long and 3 cm in diameter in each hand. By hitting the ding dong of two or more wooden bars, more sounds can be played, and the pronunciation can form a seven-tone scale, but the skills are more difficult to master.
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Ding Dong is composed of a wooden pole and a wooden frame. The wooden pole is the pronunciation body, and it is mostly made of mahogany or other hard wood. The pole is 200 cm to 240 cm in length and 10 cm to 12 cm in diameter. Floral patterned tripod on wooden frame. In Hainan folk, the Li family often uses the local "Chai Jishen" (called kenaf tree in Hainanese) wood to make.
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