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The chime (pinyin: Zhōng) is a traditional Chinese percussion instrument that began in the Bronze Age. The bells are cast in bronze, and different bells are arranged according to size and hang on a huge bell stand. Chimes are often used in combination with chimes; the "gold" in "Sound of Gold and Stone" refers to chimes, and "stone" refers to chimes.


  • Pinyin:Zhōng
  • type:percussion
  • alias:chimes
Most of the bells in the middle and late Spring and Autumn Period are a group of nine pieces. On the basis of the Western Zhou bell, the bass sound and the business sound were added. When these two tones are positive drum sounds, the side drum tones become the major third degree of change palace and change sign.
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Fang Qin, born in October 1969, from Wuhan, Hubei Province, doctor of history, researcher. Bachelor of Archaeology from Peking University, Doctor of History from Wuhan University, part-time doctoral tutor of Wuhan University. He is currently the director of the Hubei Provincial Museum and the director of the Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology.
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In order to promote Chinese traditional culture, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum recently launched an online lecture on the theme of the exhibition "A Bell Qin at First Sight - From Palace Ritual Music to Literati's Elegance", which has been highly praised by many zither lovers.
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On September 9th, the exhibition "Gongqin at First Sight - From Court Rituals to Literati Yaxing" will be held at the China Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing. Meet.
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Recently, the album "Chime Bells and Symphony - Ritual Music of Bells" published by Shanghai Music Publishing House was launched on the platform of "Learning to Strengthen the Country". The album has a total of 12 works, which combine traditional Chinese music material and Western symphonic music thinking.
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Recently, Hubei Provincial Museum, together with Jianghan University and Wuhan Qintai Piano Museum, held a double intangible cultural heritage concert of "Carillon" at the Chime Bell Concert Hall in the South Main Building of Hubei Provincial Museum on World Cultural and Natural Heritage Day.
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Music is an important part of Chinese excellent traditional culture and the psychological basis for the formation of Chinese traditional concept of harmony. On May 18, it was officially launched in the temporary exhibition hall on the second floor of the North Hall of Hubei Provincial Museum.
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