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What are the chimes used for striking? It is the mallet that rings the bell, which is an auxiliary tool. In ancient China, large-scale percussion instruments of the Han nationality, bells and bells arose in the Zhou Dynasty, flourished in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period until the Qin and Han Dynasties. China is the first country to manufacture and use musical be...
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The bell hangs on the rack and plays. The bell frame was called "(Sǔn, jù)"  in ancient times, and the beam was "Sǔn", which was also used as bamboo shoots and cobalt; There is a "tarsal seat" under the column for stability. Due to the different number of hanging bells in each group (set), there are many kinds of frame systems. Such as one beam and two columns (the bells of the Chu Tomb in X...
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By striking the front and side drum parts of the bell, two frequency tones can be produced, that is, a bell has two fundamental frequencies. These two tones are generally the interval of the major and minor thirds. The sounding mechanism of the bell is the vibration of the plate that bends the plate.  Due to the unique tile-shaped structure of the bell body, it produces two fundament...
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