Fu (pinyin: Fǒu), a pottery musical instrument. It was originally a kind of pottery in ancient times, similar to a clay pot, and its shape was very similar to a small jar or bowl. It is a vessel for holding water or wine in ancient times.


  • Pinyin:Fǒu
  • material:Pottery
  • Classification:percussion
Li Si mentioned in the "Book of Remonstrance to Chasing Guests": "Those who strike the urn and knock the fou, play the zheng and beat the bib, and sing and whimper quickly are the voice of Qin. Zheng, Wei, Sangjian, Shaoyu, Wuxiang This is the joy of a foreign country. Now I abandon the urn and go to Zheng Wei, and retreat to play the zither and take Shaoyu, what if it is?
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In history, there are not very many records about the fou, among which the most famous one is recorded in "Historical Records: The Biography of Lian Po Lin Xiangru".
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Chinese music is an important part of the splendid Chinese culture. Before the middle of the 19th century, it experienced three periods: ancient, medieval and modern. For thousands of years, it is famous for its colorful varieties and rich systems.
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On the evening of August 8, 2008, at the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing, in the center of the National Stadium in the shape of a "Bird's Nest", 2008 ancient Chinese percussion instruments were sent out with powerful blows. The sound, the white lights on the can flashed in turn, and the countdown numbers were combined.
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