zheng (pinyin: Zhēng) is a percussion instrument. It is an ancient military percussion instrument, also known as "Ding Ning". It is shaped like a bell and has a long handle. When used, the mouth is upward and struck with a mallet.


  • Pinyin:Zhēng
  • material:copper
  • Classification:percussion
In ancient China, "beating drums to advance" and "singing gold to withdraw troops" were used to command battles. The "gold" in "Ming Jin" refers to the musical instrument used in the military as a signal for combat.
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There is a record of "zheng (zhēng)" in the masterpiece "Shuowen Jiezi" by Xu Shen, a scribe and philologist in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The text says: "Zheng (zhēng), nao (náo) also, like a bell, the handle goes up and down." "Náo (náo), Xiaozheng (zhēng)."
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There are two types of cymbals in ancient times. One refers to the "cymbals" in the Yin and Zhou dynasties (different from the cymbals called cymbals now), "Shuowen": "zheng, cymbals, like bells, in the handle, up and down." Actually The zheng and cymbal at that time were different in shape.
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