String bells (pinyin: Chuànlíng), which are several small bells in the shape of a horseshoe (or semicircle, rod, etc.) strung with metal, which are pronounced through vibrations caused by tapping, shaking or shaking. The timbre is crisp, the volume is low, the sound is scattered, and it can continue to play long notes. When performing, it is especially necessary to master the timing of rhythm insertion, which is generally used on the upbeat or upbeat of the music.


  • Pinyin:Chuànlíng
  • Classification:body music
  • how to play:tapping, shaking, or shaking
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The body of the bell is cast in bronze. The shape is like a bell, and the shape varies according to the popular area. The Yao bell from Jinxiu County has a short body, a height of 5 cm, an olive-shaped end face of the bell, a long diameter of 4.5 cm and a short diameter of 3.5 cm. There is a convex edge on the edge of the bell mouth. The top of the bell is cast with a bell ear with a height of 1 cm, and a hole is drilled in the middle to tie a rope or silk cloth.
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