iao Gong (pinyin: xiǎo luó), named for its small size. Copper, round, about 22 cm in diameter, slightly raised in the center, not tied. When playing, use your left finger to hold the inner edge of the gong, and hold a thin wood chip in your right to strike the sound. Its sound is bright and crisp.


  • Pinyin:xiǎo luó
  • Classification:percussion
  • material:Multipurpose copper structure
  • shape:circular arc
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Organized by 陆晨 on 2022-03-09
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On June 18, the 2022 Xianfeng County Cultural and Natural Heritage Day and the Cultural and Ecological Protection Experimental Zone construction achievements publicity and display activities were held in the Tangya Tusi City Site Scenic Spot.
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I'm used to reading fashion magazines and trendy brands, but today I'll show you something different. This is the twenty-one band from the Qing Dynasty that swept the world. You must not have thought that this Qing Dynasty band had debuted in the C position and led the fashion. Just the folk music playing and painting have been sold at home and abroad.
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In March, another national event will bloom in Zhengzhou. The 2022 China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Annual Conference will be held in Zhengzhou from March 21 to 24.
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"Old Tang Book Music Records" (Volume 29) said in the entry "Tongba": "Tongba, also known as copper plate, came from Xixu and Nanman." The copper plate mentioned in this record is about " The earliest record of the gong.
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"Joke Tan" is a form of folk singing, which has the form of opera. Its performances are often interspersed in the middle of Meihu plays, appearing at the request of the audience.
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