Celebrate gongs and drums(bo sheet music)

Organized by 陆晨 on 2022-03-09
Celebrate gongs and drums(bo sheet music) Celebrate gongs and drums(bo sheet music) Celebrate gongs and drums(bo sheet music) Celebrate gongs and drums is organized by 陆晨 on 2022-03-09,You can use gong,nao,danao,dagu,paigu,zhangu,xiaoluo,daluo to play; Through the music score provided by us, you will be able to master it skillfully and become a member of everyone.
Celebrating gongs and drums is a very cheerful piece of music composed of gongs, drums, cymbals, drums and other instruments.
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Involving musical instruments

The big gong (pinyin: dà luó) is a kind of gong, and it is called the big gong because of its large face. It is made of copper, about 30 centimeters in diameter, flat and round, with sides, with smaller side holes and tied with ropes. When playing, the left hand is holding the gong and the right hand is holding the mallet.
iao Gong (pinyin: xiǎo luó), named for its small size. Copper, round, about 22 cm in diameter, slightly raised in the center, not tied. When playing, use your left finger to hold the inner edge of the gong, and hold a thin wood chip in your right to strike the sound. Its sound is bright and crisp.
War drums (pinyin: Zhàngǔ) are of different sizes, and are divided by the diameter of the drum surface. There are five sizes of 27, 33, 40, 46 and 54 cm, and their drum bodies are 17, 20, 24, 30 and 34 cm high respectively. The material used for making war drums is the same as that of Tanggu, but the drum body can also be made of basswood, with 2-4 drum rings in the middle. Play with a wooden hob. War drums were used on the battlefield in ancient times to send orders and boost morale. In modern times, they are mainly used in folk instrumental ensembles, dances, lantern festivals, acrobatics and gongs and drums.
Pai drum is a new variety of drum instruments. Appeared in the early 1960s, it was produced by Cai Huiquan and Yang Jingming of the China Central Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra based on the reform of the medium-sized hall drum and waist drum commonly used by the people, and has been continuously improved since then. The row drum consists of a set of five drums of different sizes and sounds. The drum is 29 to 33.3 centimeters tall, 16.7 to 37 centimeters in diameter on the upper mouth, and 11.7 to 37 centimeters in diameter on the lower mouth. The outer diameter of the drum frame on both sides of each drum is the same but the inner diameter is different, which can produce two tones with different pitches, so there are ten tones in five drums. The sound of the row drums is fierce and swaying, the treble is firm and powerful, and the middle and bass are generous and bright, especially good at expressing warm and jubilant emotions.
Big drum (Sanskrit name dundubhi) musical instrument name. A kind of percussion instrument, also known as Taiko and Tanggu, is also the most frequently used percussion instrument. That is, a hollow wooden cylinder is covered with leather for percussion instruments. The exterior color of the drum body is mostly red, and a few are black and wood color. The bass drum is struck by a single drumstick, called the big drumstick, with a head that can be used on both sides and is covered with wool or felt. Usually when struck, it is between the center of the drum and the rim of the drum, and the center of the drum is only used for short and fast hits (staccato) and special effects.


Organized by 拙 on 2022-06-23
In the ancient city of Shouzhou, many gong and drum teams are active, and gong and drum performances are held during the festivals.
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On June 18, the 2022 Xianfeng County Cultural and Natural Heritage Day and the Cultural and Ecological Protection Experimental Zone construction achievements publicity and display activities were held in the Tangya Tusi City Site Scenic Spot.
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Getiaogang Township, Changli County, while actively developing beautiful villages, also strives to do a good job in cultural construction, and organizes cultural talents to carry out various forms of cultural and entertainment activities in the spare time after dinner to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses.
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Excellent traditional culture is the foundation of the inheritance and development of a country and a nation, and an important condition for the cultivation and development of people's patriotic feelings.
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Put on the drum stand, tune the three strings, the drums start, the three strings move... On the 5th, at the New Era Civilization Practice Station in Tayayi Village, Tayayi Township, Laiyuan County, Hebei Province, Jin You and Wang Shumin, two octogenarians The Xihe drum performance officially opened.
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