xiaoluo operating guide

The small gong has no fixed pitch. When playing, the index finger of the left hand raises the edge of the gong, the thumb is placed on the edge of the gong to prevent the gong from slipping, and the little finger is placed close to the inner surface of the gong light to facilitate the sound. The second joint of the right thumb, the second joint of the index finger, and the third joint of the middl...
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The small gong is a circular arc, mostly made of copper, with a diameter of about 22 cm, a slightly raised center, and no rope. It is fixed by its own frame around it; the gong is a wooden beam. There are various sizes of gongs. When playing small gongs, use the left hand to hold the gong body and the right hand to strike the gong; large gongs must be hung on the gong stand to play. Its tone is br...
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