chinese zhu

The zhu (pinyin: zhù) is a Chinese Han Dynasty musical instrument, a square, percussion instrument struck with a wooden stick. It has been circulated in major cities across the country. It belongs to the "wood" in the "octave". It is used for court music, and when it is struck, it indicates the beginning of the music.


  • Pinyin:zhù
  • type:percussion
  • period:夏朝
Legend has it that it was in the ancient times of our country. At that time, the 柷 and 镔 were not a kind of musical instruments, but a kind of sacrificial utensils, which were used for sacrificial activities. People prayed to the gods to bless the crops and the prosperity of people and animals.
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Chinese music is an important part of the splendid Chinese culture. Before the middle of the 19th century, it experienced three periods: ancient, medieval and modern. For thousands of years, it is famous for its colorful varieties and rich systems.
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Zheng Xuan of the Eastern Han Dynasty commented on the "Book of History", which mentioned that "the vertebrae are shaped like a lacquer bucket, but have vertebrae, and they are thrown into the vertebrae when they are in harmony." separation.
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