zhui hu(qu hu)

Zuihu (Quhu) (pinyin: zhuì hú) is a Chinese rubbing stringed musical instrument. Also known as Quhu and Erxian. Mainly spread in Henan and Shandong, it is the main accompaniment instrument of Henan Quju Opera, Shandong Qinshu and Lu Opera.


  • Chinese name:drop beard
  • type:stringed stringed musical instrument
  • diameter:(0.08) m
  • Pinyin:zhuì hú
Chinese rubbing stringed musical instruments. Also known as Quhu and Erxian. Mainly spread in Henan and Shandong, it is the main accompaniment instrument of Henan Quju Opera, Shandong Qinshu and Lu Opera. The predecessor of Zuihu was Xiaosanxian.
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Ma Guanglu, a musician of falling hus, was born in Gongyi, Henan. At the age of 18, he joined the Cultural and Art Troupe of the Political Department of the Second Field Army. In 1953, he was transferred to the Song and Dance Troupe of the General Political Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army as a soloist.
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Wei Guanhua is currently a gaohu and banhu musician of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, and teaches at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the Hong Kong Academy of Music, and the Hong Kong Institute of Education.
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Song Fei, known as the "Queen of Chinese Erhu", was born in Tianjin in 1969. As a top musician who has attracted much attention from the Chinese and foreign music and recording circles, he has become a top performer in Chinese bowstring art due to his artistic status and influence. , and is considered to be a leader in the field of Chinese national instrumental music performing arts.
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Lotus Fall has been passed down for more than a thousand years and has been widely popular in Shanxi, Henan, Shandong and other regions, but as the old artists are getting older, they are facing a crisis of survival. After Wang Jinlong, who started learning art at the age of 14, put this ancient quyi on Douyin, it has attracted the attention of a large number of young people, and he has seen new hope. At the same time, netizens will reward and encourage him when watching the live broadcast, which gives him more motivation to inherit this traditional art.
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He loves string music very much. He is the leader and soul of the Yue Mo troupe in the village. For decades, he has often led the troupe members to perform for the surrounding people. He is Wang Chaoying from Shishichang Village, Zunhuadian Town, High-tech Zone. He has won honors such as municipal village treasures, and he is also an advanced individual at the municipal and provincial levels.
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The pendant is composed of a piano rod, a piano shaft, a piano barrel, a piano bow, a piano string, a piano horse and so on.
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If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your instrument and maintain the quhu in our hands, which provides a basic guarantee for the performance of the performer, and at the same time prolongs the life of the pendant, and cultivates a good habit of caring for the musical instrument. The following common sense about the maintenance of Quhu will be helpful to the performer.
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