zhui hu(qu hu) operating guide

The falling hu has some playing characteristics of the erhu, but the tuning is completely different. It is a fourth tuning, mainly 14, 25, 51 three. One of the most used is the 51 string, pay attention to 5 is the bass. The difference in the tuning of bowed stringed instruments such as zhehu and erhu is that the standard pitch is not fixed. For example, the erhu tuning is generally d1-a1,...
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The pendant is composed of a piano rod, a piano shaft, a piano barrel, a piano bow, a piano string, a piano horse and so on. The qin barrel is made of hardwood, mahogany or yellow paulownia, with an octagonal shape, the front mouth is covered with snake skin, and the back mouth has a hollow frame. The stem part is similar to the stem of a three-string and is shorter. The tot...
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If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your instrument and maintain the quhu in our hands, which provides a basic guarantee for the performance of the performer, and at the same time prolongs the life of the pendant, and cultivates a good habit of caring for the musical instrument. The following common sense about the maintenance of Quhu will be helpful to the performer. 1. The dr...
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